Co-Op Battle Premade groups

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I have been fairly active in the arena pvp scene because I love the overal balance of system with book of coordination and stuff like.
I especially do ove the Co-op Battle. However I have the distinct feeling that the mm does not consider premade groups.
The recent two matches I have played against the same ppl on the same server. In chat it was sayed that the are a premade group. I can’t tell for sure but the way they played together was insane. They covered each other perfectly when needed.
Don’t have to tell you that 6 random guys didn’t stand a chance both times. We lost close to zero.
If it is really the case that a 6 man premade group can face a totally random group (without coms and stuff) I would heavily suggest you think about that again.
Simply because this is just a streamroll and not much fun on the receiving end.
Can’t be that hard to change the matchmaker so that group go vs groups.

The argument that the queue time will be too high should not be a valid reason for ppls to gain such an high advantage when playing as a premade group with voice against a random group that has only pings and chat for strategy.

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I agree, just went up against a Premade of 6 from the same guild. Stood no chance being a 6 man pug. PvP MM should take in consideration the people who queue up and match then with the same in the other team. eg 6 man premades should go up against 6 man premades or 3x2 premades.