Co-Op battle pvp is the worst design ( you are punished for killing without dying), and it has bugs

First of all, bugs.

  1. When NPC guards kill you, you lose durability. Also, you dont lose " frenzied " status.
  2. The sign that is supposed to explain co op is in KR, not in english.

Now the horrendeous design.
If we leave out the fact that you have some maps where you have to defend bases ( which almost nobody is doing),there is the " Frenzied " concept.
And what is the Frenzied ? Its a status you gain if you kill few enemies without dying, or doing like a triple kill etc.
You know it does ? You see, when someone kills you, he gains one point. But if you have frenzied status, he gains like 30 or 50 points or more if he kills you.
You essentially should kill yourself every few kills rather than trying not to die.

And what you gain from Frenzied ? You get more points from killing. But thats almost never worth it unless ur ultra god.
Usually someone becomes frenzied, dies, and team loses because of this person.

What a wonderful and amazing design. Who the hell thought of that.