CO-OP Battlefield can not get in game

For the last 2 days no I tried to get in to CO-OP Battlefield it either starts to cycle me in then Fails or it just never lets me in the battlefield.

Any help would be appreciated.

Greetings @Rarshaiz

I apologize you are having this issue with the CO-OP Battlefield when you try to start.

Please try this troubleshooting steps to make sure it’s not a visual bug :

  1. Close Lost Ark completely
  2. Close Steam
  3. Run Steam as administrator
  4. Check the game files on Steam
  5. Open Lost Ark.

Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files

After this please try this additional steps to resolve the issue :

Thank you for the patience have an excellent week.


Thanks for the copy pasta. My computer gets shut down and restarted 2 times a day whether it needs it or not. At 1.1kWh I cant afford to let it run all day. As a Computer tech I know all them tricks and it does nothing. I maintain a .47ms ping. My connection is working just fine for a partial fiber line.

I kept getting re-qued again today. Can you tell us what causes a arena to start to que then dumps out at the last second?