Code of Conduct Ban -- Permanent

Hello everyone,

On Wednesday (3/2/2022) evening I was kicked from Lost Ark and received a perma-ban for “Code of Conduct,” I immediately submitted a ban appeal, requesting assistance, because I had no idea what I had done wrong.

It’s been 48 hours with no response other than the automated “we’ll get to you within 24 hours” email that came in about an hour after submitting my ban appeal.

A little bit of information: I purchased a few different founder’s packs, starter packs and some royal crystals. Steam purchase history attached. I had just completed Punika with a friend and we were trying to do a guardian raid at the time of my sudden disconnect / ban. We had just made it into T3 that very same day, I think I managed to get to 1320 iLvl.

While playing through the game, I made several alt characters which I had purchased some founder pack skins for from the auction house since I had already used mine on other characters. I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about how you could potentially be banned for doing such which makes me wonder if that was possibly what happened, because I am completely at a loss.

I’m just making this post for more visibility and the hopes that I might be able to get some help. Thanks everyone.

Steam Account: x6DemonicAngel9x
Character: Arysaliana
Server: Una – US East

Lost Ark -- Help! - Imgur (2)


Update: it’s been over 5 days now and I’m still waiting to hear back from support in regards to my ban appeal. :persevere:

Oh, and for anyone wondering, I had to create a new account to even be able to post on the forums and was unable to post into the support forums (I’m assuming due to the account being new), hence it being here. :speak_no_evil:

Such a shame this is still going on, even after all the same fiasco’s done in New World. Good luck!

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Make yourself known in this thread as Shadowfox at least made some comments
Its being hidden because its going to be embarressing for them
I know real botters and cheats need to be banned, but there folk here who obviously havent done anything untoward

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i already saw 2 people post they got unbanned today,

one banned 4 days ago, another 14 days ago


Who ?

So, five days later, I just received my first reason for the ban, which is completely bonkers:

I have never refunded anything on Steam, especially not from Lost Ark, as you can see in my purchase history.

The only way that I can make this reason make sense is the fact that I had purchased skins from the auction house that were from a founder’s packs. This seems to be a common theme in these bans and I’m really not sure how to go about dealing with it.

There’s a thing going on where people who sell skins etc on the market refund their cash transaction after its sold and they + the buyer get banned which is wack but it is what it is.


I wish you best of luck.

My advice, keep appealing. They say don’t but they don’t even read it 90% of the time and just slap a copy paste on it and hit send.

Also, you can’t even reply back on the appeal-decision e-mail. Which is crazy.
If you do however, they’ll send an e-mail back saying “the agent before has already given an answer” or something like that.

Soon a community manager will close this thread. Don’t lose hope! Keep fighting


OMG , you spend so much real money and they ban you .? This is so stupid … . i hope you will get your account back .

I think it’s wild to say “it is what it is” in this situation. If this were your account, I doubt you would have the same attitude towards it. The fact that it is possible to be banned for buying a skin off of the in-game auction house is just crazy to me. There is no way of knowing whether or not the person who listed the skin for sale broke the code of conduct before purchasing it. The only way you would find out is after it’s already too late, and then you end up losing days of potential progress, if not your entire account. This absolutely a fault with the automated bans, and trying to blame the individual players, or brushing it off entirely is just terrible customer service, period.


If true, I guess it’s not even safe to use the Market. Any more posts on this? Confirmed?

I can’t confirm anything but this is the general consensus between many of the people attempting to appeal their unjust bans. It’s the only commonality between them all, and it’s been discussed in these forums as well as on reddit and in area chat in-game as well. I personally have no plans to purchase any of the founders skins for this very reason. The thought of being punished for someone else’s abuse of the system is absurd to me, but that seems to be the reality that many are dealing with.

i bought war worde and the pet froom starter pack in AH

Still trying to deal with this ban, but I have another item that may help in the fight, a message from Steam! It’s been two weeks and I’ve barely heard a word from anyone, despite contacting live chat support every single day. :disappointed:

Update: I learned that my ticket had randomly been closed on the 16th without receiving any emails or notifications and it had been reopened on the 19th, when I spoke with Live Chat, trying to see if there had been any updates or anything like that. I can’t get anyone to tell me why it was closed, they outright say that they are unable to say anything via live chat and to reply to the email you get sent afterwards, but anytime you do that, you just get a copy paste response that doesn’t give you any relevant information.

Really disappointed and devastated in how this is being handled. 24 days later and I’m still trying to get this situation figured out, with absolutely no clear responses or answers from the mods. :pensive:

Help this person AGS. An unjustified ban can happen dealing with the botting problem. But that poor support is a shame.

Vac bans on record, says he didn’t do nuffin wrong. :smiley:
I think you finale got caught. GG’s

The ban on my account is from Lost Ark. I’ve never been banned from anything before in my life (up until now), because I don’t engage in any activities that are against the ToS. This happened to a lot of people around the time that it happened to me, which speaks of a larger issue that needs to be addressed.