Code of Conduct Ban


I got the Code of Conduct Ban on Sunday

I know about the Refund exploit I didn’t even know that existed till a few minutes before this post I got the Gold Founders pack back in November, when the game came out for me on the 8th i played very little of it then i played more of when the game on the 10th and also bought the platinum pack the same day not even trying to refund my gold one. Then i get back on the game on the 13th and late morning i get banned for Code of Conduct If an admins sees this please msg me if possible i would like to not have wasted $150 just to get ban


Unfortunately the only response we’ve gotten is “appeal the ban and go through the system”, which has taken awhile for folks and most get a canned response that they can’t do anything about the ban, so I’m not hopeful. The mods then lock the thread and people act like nothing happened.

@Roxx - please, can we get a human to acknowledge the issue and someone to look into us folks that DID NOT exploit the dupe bug (most of us didnt even know it existed, for example, this happened to me on early launch day) but now cannot play the game because of a wide-sweeping ban

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All you can do really is wait. I’ve been waiting for 4 days now. I have a similar issue; I myself bought two Platinum Founder’s Pack for my account. I was banned the next day. I’ve gotten in touch with AGS staff and they’ve tried expediting my case but were not able to.

Here is my most recent conversation. Just hang in there and wait it out.

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Well, that’s something.

I got banned too and I have no idea why (it’s the same generic message). Maybe it’s a sign to make me stay away from Korean mmorpgs.

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New Amazon strategy to keep the qs down :smiley:


And in the support tab it says that they have huge queues to fulfill orders. Honestly, I’m completely turned off by the game now. The ban could come with some explanation and in my case, I really have no idea what it is. If you’ve been waiting for support for so long, I don’t even want to imagine my case.

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So you got banned for having both gold and plat pack? It can’t be that simple because that was confirmed to be allowed …you have to have done something extra

Unless this now puts it that if you had multiple packs unopened, because they were of legit codes, in mailbox, after the maintenance the game detected dups and said fuck you. Because that’s the only way I can think of. Lots of us didn’t have our packs opened so they sat in the mailbox and since they weren’t bug dupped, they said well we fixed with maint but y’all still got packs here ok gg ban exploit (?)

Edit: nah can’t be cause people on forums claiming they couldn’t even get on game to open packs so it can’t be that…therefore yeah has to be something more than what you just stated

I did open both packs have the items from both packs i didnt do anything else

Will be? I was banned for simply having switched server regions on Steam to be able to download the game faster (it’s in the Steam FAQ, it’s something allowed). I’m seeing countless reports of people getting banned for clueless reasons, such as packs’ cases.

Posting about a problem with your account here on the forum is not going to fix it. You have to submit a ticket. If you’re just looking to commiserate with other players who have had similar experiences and perhaps ask THEM for advice on how they handled it, then that’s ok and logical, but otherwise literally no one here can fix your problem. You have to submit a ticket. The powers that be do not read these forums.

No No not wait, write to the Steam Support:

Have a nice day,

I have already contacted Amazon with the problem. Amazon Support refers the game Lost Ark to the Steam support, because the game or DLC was purchased on Steam.

Namely The Gold Package was cancelled by Steam on my request (refunded) and I have bought the platinum package. Unfortunately, Steam then blocked the license “Key” of my Lost Ark game.

This key needs to be released again so that I can play the game again.
The Amazon support then pointed out to me that you have nothing to do with the transactions!

Therefore, this must first be clarified via Steam with the request to unlock the account or the license.
Since everything here runs via Steam, Steam now has to pay out the pioneer package because “Pending Payment” in the system is stored on Amazon.

And I should also know that when the repayments of the packages are made, then the accesses must be unlocked again.

Account Name: YOUR ACCOUNT


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Wait did you do this successfully?

i wrote this at this moment, i have to wait for the answer.


Please keep us updated when you get a reply. If you’re successful I could give it a try and inquire Steam support about my double Platinum Founder’s Pack.

Unfortunately, we can’t process ban appeals through the forums, please use the ban appeal process on the Support hub.