Code of Conduct ban?!

What is the heck is this? I don’t even use world chat outside of an emote from time to time? I just spent so much time getting into T3 and haven’t argued with anyone, haven’t used any cuss words or derogatory language at all?? @Roxx Also no refunds what so ever, heck I just bought more Royal Crystals last night!!. There is no warning system or something either just a permanent ban?!
Please help.

Edit: they are saying because a refund?? I haven’t refunded anything. At least I can fight this.

Edit 2. I want to add 2 more photos which so FAILED PURCHASES this was due to the system actually failing to sell the crystals because they were being treated as a 1:1 sale. Example you buy a 9.99 pack of Royal Crystals. First went through… any subsequent would fail as if it was a 1:1 this has sense been resolved but, on the dates shown it was an issue @Roxx another tag to see if you have any update.

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Code of Conduct isn’t necessarily social interactions.

What then honestly? I have kept my nose to the ground and just played the game. I see all sorts of these posts about people getting banned,

My brother and I got banned the same exact way today. The only reason we can think of is that he sent me some gold via mail for carrying him through raids and dungeons. I have ever bought gold or even interacted with any sellers.

Not sure, I was only pointing out that it could be something other than social interactions.

Have you looked over the actual Code of Conduct here? FAQ - Lost Ark Forums

I’ve looked over this and I haven’t done anything stupid no cheat software, no hateful speech, no third party crap, I’m just defeated now.

I see so many of these post now, I don’t feel like they have a good system in place. Are any of these actually getting resolved?

I have seen very few people on other threads claiming they got their bans lifted after their appeals got processed. Some are still waiting for days. Have you sent a appeal?

Oh yeah instantly.

So by just looking at the screenshots you’ve been uploading, I feel that this ban might be correct. Code of conduct can also be for cheating or using scripts/macros.

In your screenshot, it’s saying that you’ve played 474 hours. The game was released on 8th of february. Today is the 3rd of march. So the game has been out for 23 days.

474h / 23d ~ 20,6h/d

For me and all of my friends, the actual game time is only the gametime from the released version of the game, its not including the time played during beta.

I’ve had vacation the past 3 weeks and I’ve played alot during this time. My gametime sits at around 250 hours. Tbh your 400+ looks really sus.

And I’m pretty sure that alot of these “I’m banned for nothing” threads are related to the “not getting afk kicked” topic. Its interesting that these threads are mostly opened by people who have a lot of playtime or atleast are very far in the game (T3 atleast).

I’m pretty sure not all of these bans are related to this, but the sheer amount of people you saw afk running into walls during the past 3 weeks give a good hint. Some of these people where running for hours. I’ve tried this myself, if you simply use autorun (press T) you will get kicked after 30 mins to 60 mins depending on the queue size. So some of these people must have been using software or other stuff to avoid the afk kick.

I might be completly wrong, but thats what I assume when looking at these screenshots.


I’ve taken off work for 2 weeks and put in 16+ hours a day. If I have to walk away from the game I have a 30min timer on my phone to come tickle my keyboard or my wife comes and moves my character so no… no real anti afk software unless you include my wife as such.

You shouldn’t have bought Gold from Gold-Sellers. It is a bannable offense.


Actually would remote log on be considered banable? I used Chrome Remote Desktop Log on to do my Stronghold while I was doing other things in the house or outside while the kids play.

I see, but tbh, 2 weeks off and playing 16 hours a day doesnt sum up to 474.
Like I said, 474 means 20,5hours every day till today since release.

I dont know how you managed to get this number, but I think it’s not possible to achieve this number for a human :smiley:

I wish you best luck on the appeal and that they are looking into this fast.


seems to me they are banning a lot of whales, so many posts the last days here with people spending over 1k. Also Im scared to use any chat at this point due to automated bans


Almost positive this includes Lost Ark beta time friend.

@KrakenNull Almost positive that was mentioned and accounted for in the math process

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Pretty sure op was using autoclicker to get that game time in such a short period of time.
As far as i’m aware beta game time doesn’t roll over into the actual game time as i’m pretty sure it didn’t for myself.

For me and my friends it doesnt, but unless you’ve been playing another 100+hours the beta week, this number still doesnt make sense.

14 days off * 16 hours a day sums up to 224. If you’ve been playing another 16 hours per day during beta, wich I doubt, this would be 336. So there are still 140 hours that you would’ve had to play this week wich is still 20 hours a day on a week were you’re working.

Dont get me wrong, I dont want to accuse you of anything. I’m just saying that the number looks sus to me. As I said, I might be completly wrong here.

About the remote connection, I dont think that this is a banable reason. Even when using a remote connection to another PC you’re actively playing the game. But I dont know the TOS to say for sure.