Code of Conduct ban?!

I take no offense to it man; honest question… If you get logged out from afk but, the game obviously stays up with the this game with terminate screen and you have to click Okay. Does that count as play time on Steam since the game is still launched. Your math is looking sounds so now I am also curious. I legit don’t have any anticlicks or bs like that whether you believe it or not, just trying to figure it out.

using macro = breaking code of conduct / being toxic = breaking code of conduct / buying gold = breaking code of conduct / selling gold = breaking code of conduct there’s many reasons for that. that’s why i never suggested macro to not get kicked off the game for afk. it’s a bad idea. assuming you used one that is. not sure why you were banned exactly but these are the possibilities.

Yes this also counts as playtime. As long as the game is shown as running in steam it will add up the time.

But as @catherina said, code of conduct can mean literally anything from ingame chat to using autoclicker. No one can say for sure. I just assume alot of the ppl got baned recently used auto clickers.

Would be nice to know how long it took AGS to respond to your case when you got your anwser.

Damn… I need to stop flaming t3 people and arena players for not using their brains…

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I mean I will update the post once they respond to let ya know.

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well in arena unfortunately reporting doesn’t work there given that you’ll mostly be matched with random player’s from different servers. you cannot report someone from a different server… i tried but it gives an error. lol

Not sure about other players, but personally… I am suffering from severe pregnancy nausea right now, and it was much, much worse during the first week of release. This causes me to sometimes having to immediately get away from the computer - be it to rest or to throw up (and then rest). A lot of the times when this has occurred, I simply didn’t have time to close the game and a lot of hours Steam has recorded is simply time where I’ve been disconnected, yet the game was still running (“You been away for too long, the game is now terminating.”). :slight_smile:

Now I am not at 400+ hours, I am barely at 250, but I am also well aware of that I’ve simply not had the game running on some days when I just been in bed all day.

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you got banned for afk scripting/macroing.

its against the rules.

Don’t know about you man but they are trying to shut this shit down … buying from gold sellers is probably not a good idea right now for anyone

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Sounds like you had a rough time. I hope its better now.

I get that this number doesn’t mean someone was using software or stuff to avoid the afk kick for sure. The same thing happened to me a few times already, like yesterday when I went cooking and the game kicked me after 30 minutes :smiley:

But 474 means that his PC was turned on for 20,5 hours everyday since release. I dont want to accuse him of anything, to me this number was just way to high. But you’re right, there might be other reasons how you can get this much play time.

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Thank you kindly. <3 Doing much better now.

And yeah, I know there has been a lot of people using scripts to not get kicked (ESPECIALLY on the more populated servers with large queue times) so one can never be sure nowdays. :]

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When I have to go out for a while I ask my gf or brothers to fish every 20-30 minutes :smiley:

But I guess it’s more fair to ban people tried their best to stay in the game with autoclickers rather than staying 4h in queue than ban bots… It’s a sarcasm btw

people wouldn’t try to bypass afk kick if they didn’t have to spend 8 hours a day in queue on euc. and being in queue also contributes to the play time.

Well - something you did triggered this ban.

We also have a guy in our guild that got banned.
What’s obvious and related between these accounts :

  1. High amount of hours played : 400+ hours
  2. High amount of transactions : RL money, crystals, gold
  3. Multiple alts - raised T2-T3 - selling mats on AH
  4. High amounts of gold and blue crystals.

It is a pattern which they looked at…these accounts triggered some sort of alarm towards whale accounts thinking these are part of gold selling market.

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I actually got a reply that says I was banned for a refund. This I can fight and prove. I haven’t refunded a single thing and as of last night bought more Royal Crystals.

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If you leave the game open and running on any screen, be it character selection or server selection Steam considers it play time. So if he had left the client running even though he wasn’t actively playing he could have easily logged those kind of hours in Steam.

@Capsid that was the reason. Not third party tools fyi.

Oh yeah my game is on 24/7 as far as steam and or the you’ve been terminated screen for being afk kicked. They did respond though

Note: even if you d/c from game, and you still on it, and you havent physically closed out of the game, steam thinks you are still on the game, so it will still count the seconds, mins and hours of the game your still on, so he could be on 474 hours, i work only approx 3 days a week due to covid, and calculate in my insomnia too and times i left game open when i pass out at my desk gaming i have almost hit the 400 hours ingame according to steam, but remember there is an achievement for your actually time spent on a character.

Edit: but i am playing at my own pace not rushing to t3 >.> mokoko seeds collecting.