CODE:L30000 | Error powerpass purchased by crystals

Hello, guys!

In the last update, the powerpass worked again (Vern pass and the Shusire pass that we received in the game), but the power pass purchased by crystals is showing a CODE: L30000 error. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I can’t use a purchased power pass on any of my chars. Didn’t you re-enable the power passes? Why is it still not working? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’m having the same issue… was super excited to have them back. maybe since their discounted they arent gonna work so then we have to spend more money.

Bro they only enabled the free powerpass. Purchase powerpass are still disabled that’s why the transaction won’t go through.

They arent enabled.

They fixed the ones given out by events and stuff. Paid passes return next week on the 24th.

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Hello, as @Sogeki said. Paid power passes are to be re-enabled on the 24th of August, here is the updated post.

it seems to be still not working. atleast for me. i get the Error L30000

Same still getting error L30000

here too got the L30000 error.

Paid passes are not working on existing characters.

jup same problem…

Thank you for the continued reports everyone.

I’ll pass this information over to the team, if you could try restarting the client and verifying game files for now whilst I await official correspondence.

Just spotted this, they are temporarily disabled.