Coins of courage change?

They can’t do that, but i hope they give us fever time through the week at least. I am minus around 4500 coins from today bug.

@Shadow_Fox @Roxx

Please add this to the investigation list! Thanks! :smiley:

Same issue. I can’t find a pattern. Very inconsistent.

So, no response from anyone on this? Silly that we are getting jack for coins. No motivation to win when I get more tokens for losses…

Same issue.
PvP is never going to have the kind of playerbase PvE is so introducing this change at all (nerfing potential PvE rewards from PvP) seems unnecessary.
If anything it should serve as a mechanic to allow dedicated PvP players to maintain gear parity with dedicated PvE players so we don’t get locked out of content.

Hey everyone!!! Just got finished talking to the team, seems it is a bug and now a known bug that they will be working on. Apologies for this and appreciate you letting us know!


Thanks for all the work you and the team do!

@Shadow_Fox thanks man, I hope it gets fixed now, I haven’t been playing PVP for 3 days not to spend time there for nothing, it’s not enjoyable when you play hard and only get 10 points…

Well pvp is usually fun for the you knowpvp lol… you still should get the weekly bonus amount from playing.

You get higher in your pvp tier rank and earn points for more vendor rewards. It’s not useless plus if you like PvP play it for fun.

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Like a simple unit test would have caught this. I’m really curious what tests Smilegate has in place

Same issue here! 10 coins is not exactly a lot :smiley:

@Community-Team What’s going on ? We get 12 CoC after single matchxD


this sucks so bad…i can’t even purchase stuff from the pvp store because of not enough token with this amount gain

No, what sucks is when you are high rank and the decay is going to derank you severely because you cant earn points well.

? you still earn points, its a seperate thing.

Hey, great that they are working on a fix, will we recieve kompensation for all the lost coins … we lose alot of mats cus we are unable to buy em …

any chance of compensation for us who have done 20 matches of TDM this week to get less coins than even 1 regular match?

I have brought up the topic of compensation with them, a decision will be made as they work on fixing the bug and see what options are available.