Collected items from mari shop on the wrong character


As title states, I Collected the rewards from Mari shop on the wrong character.

Collected the rewards on: Karrock

Meant to collect it on: Iphit

Server: Zinnervale

If they could be removed from one and put on another I would highly appreciate it.

Not sure what is the stance on Amazon on this, just trying my luck on the forum, since I will never get to use these items if I can’t pass them to another character.

Hello @Iphit hope you’re doing great!

I’m sincerely sorry to hear about your issue collecting the rewards on the wrong character.

Unfortunately we do not have the means to do the transfer of the items. Try the following to check rooster inventory:

-Talking to Storage Keeper NPC.
-Pet feature(alt+p).

If the item does not let you transfer it, it means it’s character bound. I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Hope it’s helpful, see you on Arkesia!