Collectible Map Bug (Mokoko Seeds)

Some Mokoko Seeds don’t turn up yellow (100% completed region) in Northeast Gienah Seah (54/54) and West Central Gienah Sea (18/18).

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(maybe we will get new islands there in the future? :thinking:)

bump - Can reproduce, I have the same issue.

PUMPPUMP FIX IT. Interesting always the same 2 arent golden.

Hello! I’ve reported this one to the team. Thank you all for your posts and confirmations.

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Same issue here for me
Screenshot 2022-05-31 135732

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I have the same problem on the same two maps. They both used to be golden, as well.

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Probably. I completed this since it was posted and I see exactly the same issue. I’m guessing this is a very low severity issue and will probably fix itself once they release whatever future content goes there, so they probably won’t bother to fix this one, they’ll just let it resolve itself later.

@OminousOnion Can we please get an update on this? 3 Weeks and not fixed yet.

New islands will be available in these areas, that’s it. Nothing to worry about this, just a visual bug.

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There’s nothing to be fixed, it’s just a placeholder for new islands.

If you go to the same area of the map for island souls, it also says 2 are missing even though I have all of them. We’ll get islands there.

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