Collecting PvP suggestions

Hello PvP friends ,

For me PvP is the main focus of the game, i really like the PvP in Lost Ark and i wish to help as much as i can to improve it and keep it alive. I made a topic with my personal suggestions about the PvP in Lost ark.

Here is the link to it.
[Suggestions for new pvp season](https://Suggestions for PvP)

I would like to collect as much as possible additional feedback from the community and structure it and add it in the topic linked above , so please anyone who wish to add something additional to the things already suggested write it here and i will try to structure all (if any) additional feedback from this topic and post it in the other thread so we can keep it clean and simple which would be more easy for the CMs and developers to read and filter.

Please keep it constructive , i know that there are many people which hate pvp and thats fine , its not a mode for everybody. Please no toxicity just feedback so we can make more structured post with what improvements and additions we want to see in future.

Thank you for your time and have a great day!

used to like pvp but saddly you can’t find any matches in EUW nowadays , ags fcked that release so badly .

yes , the situation on EUW is very sad , they should really work on region merges or they would continue loosing people.