Collecting tripods

so this actually bothers me since ages but I never did a post.
Its about collecting tripods for your class. Regardless of you beeing a support or a dps. Probably you are running at least two builds (raids, chaosdungeons, even guardians maybe).
As we all know, tripods give a huge boost in damage, utility and meter gain. So you wanna collect as much high level pods as possible.
In chaos dungeons a lot of amulet with useful pod drop. But they are shown everytime when I track, no matter what level I have already learned. I would love to see a possible option to disable this.
I understand that people wanna sell them and so on. But to be real most tripods are below 5 and so not expensive (as long its not from a very recent released class). Especially when the tripod you dropped is not in your currently equipped build its annoying. You have to go to the tripod learning NPC to actually see that you cannot learn it, or switch to the build that uses this pod see what level you have. Which furthermore makes it very unpleasent to gather tripods for multiple different builds.

I would really love to see some kind of QoL change there that makes it possible to compare dropped tripods to your whole learned book of tripods and not only equipped build. Or in general a better setup to only track the levels you dont have learned for players who wont try to sell them at all.