Color Blindness and Game Mechanics


As someone who is slightly color blind, there are many levels that are very difficult to play. The existing color blind option in-game does not help for now.

As an easy way to help the color blind community, I would first like to suggest that the color choices for gameplay mechanics be very apparently different. Instead of choosing colors like green and red, or fluorescent green and fluorescent yellow, or blue and purple, brown and red; use very contrasting colors together, such as black and white, blue and yellow. As well, it would help if the colors had more vivid intensity/hue (less transparent) - perhaps as an option?

Going forward, I hope there will be less emphasis on the use of color for gameplay mechanics. There are just so many other ways to visually indicate information to players.

Some examples of mechanics that cause frustration:
Necormancer’s Origin – Sigmund the Immortal Boss ( I haven’t played this boss since the last update)
Hildebrandt Palace - 1st boss (mirrors)
Tytalos raid (throw correct color orb at boss)

Road of Lament: Kyzra Boss ( I was able to just able to distinguish between the fast moving orbs and slow moving orbs - thank you)

I recently noticed that there are different shapes for Tytalos - that’s great.