Come clarifications about the Kayangel abyssal raid

Hello AGS,

I think the Roadmap was great, if you can push Aero for a july release it will be 100% perfect.

Aside from that, by the wording of the section regarding Kayangel, it looks like we will be getting the pre-reworked version, where you can join from ilvl 1475 and not the new version which is

Normal mode: 1540

Hard mode: 1580

Can you please clarify which version we will be getting? As this changes our progression path by a lot, since the new Kayangel counts as a legion raid and will also be giving gold.

i also want to know this i think they should have been more specific with it

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plz think first and read the changes again: Reddit - Dive into anything

ofc we will get the latest kr version (which is released tomorrow)- otherwise it would mean that we would get an old patch (which maybe doesnt even exists from tomorrow) and the game has to be patched again? makes no sense.

also, only HM 3 + 4 are reworked, e.g. 1475? stays the same, and 1540 is the old 1540+1560, whereas 1580 stays the same. yw

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