Come to Azena, the bots are taking over

Come on over to Azena, US-East. You can watch countless bots running from chaos dungeon to the repairer… Over and over and over, buying up all the Chaos Dungeon materials and selling them on the market.

I haven’t seen one post from anyone from AGS regarding the bot problem. Expecting the community to take time out of their playing experience to report bots that resolve nothing is not the way to handle things.

I wish someone from the Lost Ark team would step up and say "Hey, yes we acknowledge the problem with bots in our game. Here’s what we’ve done to stop it ________ these are the reasons why it’s not working _________ and here’s our plan going forward to combat it.

All you have to do is literally make Chaos Dungeon vendor items Roster Bound. Problem solved, they won’t have a way to further pollute the market, clog servers, nothing.

Does anyone out there listen to the community? Does your company care about anything other than money?


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Read this, they are working as hard as they can dude, people have lives and shit to do as well just be patient and everything will be solved no need to be rude, like literally this community has lots of toxicity which is really sad to be honest.

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its painfully apparent that the 3 companys involved with LA, could careless about the bots, the forum mods can only pass along that info, and then its just lets release new content and not worrying about fixing issues in the game. somebody in that triangle has another one of the three squeesing thier nads, and telling the other 2 what to do,

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lol, thats every responce to anything


Aren’t you so insightful on how they run the game? I am SURE they are twiddling their thumbs wanting the bots to stay in their f2p game. Your brain just has TOO MANY WRINKLES.

When I do some Ignea token work I see like 1 player per 100 bots and that one player is usually doing same thing as me. Trying to fill out that 100%. I’ve recently seen trains going to the island token spot which is odd. I wonder what they’re doing. Just getting the free blue compass?

They’re certainly still spamming rep which the changes to rep don’t do much if the bots are left around to get to those higher Tiers anyways.

They should take a page from Path of Exile. The game has been bot ridden for years to the point the economy was actually twisted around them. Mundane currency is what players buy from bots while high end stuff is in places they can’t emulate well.

It’s not perfect but it works.

awwww look that all you could come up with trying to insult someone, be a man and say what you really want to say, or are you afraid to get banned from the lost ark forum…
you are excatly what the number 2 issue in this game is toxicity. calling people names and bullying them, i bet you do it in game to…

grow a pair and say what you wanted to really say come on step and be a man




Actually, I doubt they really care about this right now to the point of making it a priority because:

a) they know they have people like you that will defend this crap that’s been there for almost 3 months and has just got worse, claiming they are just trying their best

b) they know most that dislike the bot issue still play and only complain about it online so they aren’t actually losing anything with them. It’s kind of like the non leftists on twatter who have spent the last few years crying about the censorship there rather than just outright quitting the use of that horrible service so the twatter employees simply didn’t give a rip. It had to take Elon Musk to actually step up and do something and now twatter employees are screaming towards the sky and probably crying themselves to sleep as they are seeing their actions actually did have consequences and they’re most likely going to be out of their job of being mini tyrants.

c) they know that having the bot plague around means they can use it as the scapegoat for everything and gullible people will eat it all up. It’s kind of like how Putin is the scapegoat for everything now with certain politicians and the media, stuff that was happening long before that invasion. This seems like a reach you say?Well they blamed the bots for the Argos debacle when it wasn’t because of the bots.

If you saw the community actually take a stand and quit playing until this was somewhat dealt with, you’d see work get done incredibly fast. You won’t see this though because the community as a whole really doesn’t care enough about it. I admit I have been one of those. I find the bot issue ridiculous and somewhat embarrassing for the game but at the same time, I rarely leave Punika where they aren’t yet an issue so it’s been more an out of sight, out of mind thing, though I do feel bad for new or lower t1 players that have to deal with that crap on a daily basis. No idea how they are not quitting over it.

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To be fair, they’re probably just turning Easy Cheat off because comically you can do that.

Just about everyone knows anti-cheat programs don’t really work though.

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ya i think its funny makes me want to start a anti cheat business and get paid for doing nothing

clearly lost ark employees ban 95% of the gold cause the prices stay low on the market

It’s interesting how when there’s a dupe exploit they move at light speed and have developers debug it, patch it, test it, and get the servers back up within an hour, but when we’re sitting in a queue for hours because of bots we need to be less toxic and understand they have lives and feels.

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Pretty sure a new bot wave is action! Saw so many today in vern that I wanted to puke (not a chaos gate statue).

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RMT seems like it boost the marked prices a LOT, unless suddenly 50% of player base is whales.

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I improved their logo.

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the moment i questioned them on that post about bots like this

My post got deleted. not worth your time

clear as day. they dont just give a shit XD