<Comfy Dragons> [NA, East: Avesta] [casual, chill guild]

[NA, East: Avesta] [casual, chill guild]

Language: English

Discord: Comfy Dragons' Den

Who we are:

We are a gaming community with a presence across several games, our focus as a community is on providing an inclusive environment accepting of all. We strive to provide a positive mental health environment where people can chill and feel accepted while progressing towards end game. As pointed out above, we are primarily a discord community, it’s where we hang out outside of Lost Ark, socialize and partake in a variety of other games.

~:..:~ Our Guilds: ~:..:~

Comfy Dragons: (29/36 main only guild)

Domfy Cragons: ( overflow guild )

Alter Dragon : ( Alt guild)

~:..:~ What we offer: ~:..:~

  • lvl 4 guild

  • Active Cross-server Global Chat

  • Discord

  • Upcoming guild abyss dungeons teaching nights.

~:..:~ Requirements: ~:..:~

  • 18+

  • Agree to our Discord code of conduct

  • Be social, willing to meet new people and socialize

  • Be active by supporting the guild via; guild task and at least twice weekly silver donations.

  • One-month inactivity grace period.

~:..:~ How to Join: ~:..:~

  • Join the discord

  • Agree to our rules

  • Join guild via password.