Coming back after hiatus, what's state of game?

thinking about coming back after huge hiatus. what’s state of game. is it still generally: do dailies / weeklies? switch to alt and repeat?

Same old same old, just with higher item level and lower honing success rates.

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And more disconnects.

More bots than players… more than months ago…

Screams and leaves the room…


More bots, more disconnects, more features removed/locked because of bots. Honestly wouldn’t recommend coming back at all until the disconnect issue at the very least is solved, but we’re about to hit 3 months of this issue so I doubt it’ll ever be solved.

Also yes, doing your dailies and weeklies on your main then swapping to alts is still the norm as far as gameplay goes.

Good luck!


Still good
Still stay on the top 5 on steam most played daily list
Still got like 300k++ concurrent player daily
Still got almost hundreds of positive reviews daily
Still good
Still awesome


The game is the same as it ever was.

Log on do your homework
Run your Legion Raids
Disconnect a few times
Say hh to your bot overlords
log out

Repeat every day of your life until dead.


It depends what fun you want to get out of this game :

1- If for story content and Horizontal: Yes

2- If simply for raiding: No as Gatekeeping is very hardcore right now. However, if you put in the work to find a static then yes.

The game is losing popularity in Korea. Was Top 3, now it is number below Maplestory. People in Korea are complaining Gatekeeping and not new players or returning players friendly.

Even KR players semi-hardcore has left the boat.


Maybe at this time you want go to Taiwan server. They will have resourcers to combat Bots/RMTs, and Artist will come before.

Why would you do that

It’s just about the same as before you left. Just more catastrophic.

I reccomend you to do this:
Simpsons Leaving GIF - Simpsons Leaving Entering - Discover & Share GIFs

Nothing has changed mechanic whise, so the reason you left most likely still remains here.

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Dont come back unless you as aparently any other still active player want to participate with RMT. Inflation is horrible because everyone is buying from bots

I came back after a 7 month hiatus. All I can say is nothing changed (might be worse), and I came back because my static wants to do Brel together. That’s about it.

More bots, less players, more gatekeeping and no content for the next 4 months because the rocket brains at amazon are putting a new raid and new class all in 1 month in april instead of spreading it out. Quite possibly the worst time to come back to the game right now lol

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