Coming Back to LA

Is it a good time to come back after a 6 week break?

if you have at least one character 1430 u can do the endgame raids argos/valtan/vykas/clown practice then just quit and come back later again.

nothing special


Anytime there’s a free t3 powerpass and express event is always a good time to come back.

You’ll get to Kuku and want to take another break. End game is currently a shitshow


Welcome back. I recommend leveling a machinist from level 1 - 50 and doing all the story and island content. Actually, sorry, you should do what you enjoy.

Just don’t listen to the People. Try it yourself. I for myself have lots of fun in Clown and he is not really hard.

Also ok i dont mind tbh. People quit for a reason. And the most reasons didnt change ingame.

i don’t know why you took a break but yeah game is good


what was your reason for taking a break is the question

If you miss doing what you did when you quit only with 1-2 extra weeklies, sure it’s a great time to return.

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