Coming to Consoles?

If I remember right there were controller options in the alpha. Are there plans to bring this to console too?? I may have remembered wrong tho. lol

Not as far as I know, no.
There was talk about a mini version for mobile in KR, but no updates on that as of now.

Do you or anyone remember seeing those options in the alpha? Only trying to pin it down for a friend.

There definitely is native controller support, yes. AGS also plans on continuing work on it.

Sweet. Good to know. Thanks

I don’t think they will get it to consol, but steam has their own controller and they will be bringing the steam deck, that’s why they are supporting controllers. :slight_smile:

They only support Xbox Controllers for now.
Playing on Steam Deck sounds awesome, I might consider buying one in the future if Lost Ark can be played efficiently on them.