Commerce Lock Ban - Permanent

It’s by necessity. They don’t have sufficient competent personnel. They are not a suitable publisher for a big game like this.


this is starting to be extremely ridiculous! so many ppl posting etc and there hasnt been a single post from the mods about this issue! its all beein ignored or silenced @roxx did try to help but what are the ban appeal mods doing?

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Pretty sure they went to sleep. Some people here have been waiting 2 weeks for their appeal evidence to be considered. Unless a miracle occurs we may be done with this game.

They banned us for refunding. At what point do we do what we were accused of?

they take your money and ban you the next day = good buisness

I didnt even refund, alot of ppl here didnt refund anything and still perma banned

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This was the best response I got after providing extreme amounts of evidence that I I did no refund.

I also noticed that on Feb 1st and Feb 17th I had FAILED PURCHASES. From trying to buy the Royal crystal packs and they were treated as 1:1 not packs that is multiple buys. So perhaps this is being treated as a refund???

I also have my own forum post with details. Come on @Roxx these need to be escalated or something said Code of Conduct ban?!

yes very shameful its not targeted at the farmer bots

The sad thing is even if they unban our accounts one by one, what will keep us safe from the next commerce block ban wave? Without a comprehensive apology/explanation, I don’t think I can ever assume I’m safe to keep playing.

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same and same responses from them too, just more copy pasta

My friend got a new reply from the support, hopefully it’s not a false hope Copium

yea i wouldnt count on them giving us our accounts back , im 100% sure they arent even looking at the screenshots we send them showing we did no refunds , got this reply just now.

There are people in this thread that got a reply like this 2 weeks ago. Some people have been banned almost since launch, lol

Theres a lot of grammar issues in that email but if its real, that seems like an actual response… unless its a new one they formulated as a copy paste to all the people sending in proof and report…

How long did you guys wait for your responses? It’s been over 30+ hours since I sent in my initial appeal and I haven’t received any communication at all. Only 4 automated emails saying that they received the appeal.

I waited 12 hours for the first response and got nothing, so I submitted more appeals. It seems like for every 10 appeals you submit, one will come back with a human response. But that human may or may not decide to help you. If you win the lottery you’ll get a human that wants to help you, they will ask you for proof that you are innocent, and then you just have to wait some amount of time between 1 and infinite days. And even if you win the lottery, at any point you could get another email saying they changed their minds and you deserve your ban and “don’t email us again”.

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I got that exact response 18h ago but with no ticket number haha

Anw guys, my friend got that email reply when he send a ticket for “Account Recovery” not ban appeal, since there was another case that got unbanned by doing that.

really ? howd that go down?

I’ve heard multiple mentions of “account restoration” and “account recovery” ticket, but I could not find either in the support page.

The last email I got from a human asked me for my character/server name, which was attached to the appeal. I’m not sure what is going on over there at amazon support :frowning: