Commerce lock banned 8+ days ago

IGN: Ivasipendragon / Maveth
Server: NAW - Valtan

Hello. A bit over last week I was permanently banned for “Commerce Lock”. I tried reaching out through the Appeal system, and every time I tried, the appeal was denied within just a few hours, except for the current ban appeal ticket, which has been dormant for 6 days now.

I’ve attached multiple screenshots of my purchase history (On Steam), links to my Steam account, as well as images showing that both of the founders packs that I purchased are still in my account, and had not been removed. I believe that the Commerce Lock ban that I got was caused by purchasing the Sorceress Platinum skin from multiple people off of the AH, and having one of those people refund their founders pack.

In the few weeks I’ve been able to play, I put in 200+ hours into my account, grinded my PvP levels, and have several alts ready to push into t2. I love Lost Ark, the game, and the community, and I just want to play the game again.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I’ll add more information if requested.


@Roxx @Maselbart @Seawolf

Can we please have this issue addressed?

Update, theres been no update. Still nothing, tried talking to AGS through customer support and they still cant discuss the ban.

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Its now been 12 days, and a week since my last appeal request, which sounded promising based on the response I got (I was told, by a human, that it is being investigated…), but I have not heard anything yet. That’s 12 days of enjoyment within the game, 12 days of progression, 12 days of rewards gone, all because I bought a skin from someone who refunded/duped their founders pack on the AH. Please, can there be some kind of response or anything here… These bans need to be addressed, and now no matter what I do, even if I start a new account, I’ll lose everything and will ALWAYS be over a month behind.

Please, @Roxx @Maselbart @Seawolf

I was banned for the same reason but unbanned and then banned again.
I think I may have found the exact reason I was flagged as having refunded. See below

It seems Amazon may have accidentally given me a Silver Founders pack during the reissue and I must have accidentally claimed it in error due to the amount of free stuff we got that week.
The highlighted rows 100% confirms it.

For you maybe you can get your GDPR and find out whether you were also credited something you never owned to begin with?

Mine is because the skin I bought off of the AH got refunded, I think.