Common Lost Ark Complaints (Difficulty/Honing)

I would like to know why the common complaints I have come across in this forum are about the difficulty of some mechanics in Abyss Dungeons or the honing process in Lost Ark.

  1. Honing:

I seriously don’t get why people complain about the RNG process in upgrading your gear. This isn’t something that was hidden from you. The game was advertised with those systems and it was quite obvious you could pay for faster progression. You aren’t the only person playing the game. And most definatly there are enough people who favor this system over other progression systems. Why should the game change afterwards to crater to YOUR preferences?
I personaly prefer the gear system in Lost Ark over systems like WOW. Since with enough time invested I will get my upgrade sometime. ( Running a dungeon 50+ times in WOW to get the trinket I need or killing Sylvanas every week without getting the BIS dagger for my Rogue isn’t fun for me.)

And if you wan’t to change something atleast offer constructive feedback. Removing the % chance isn’t an option since the game wasn’t developed with the intention of hitting max ILVL in a month…

  1. Difficulty/Player in Abyss Dungeons

I also read a lot of complaints about the diffculty of Abyss Dungeons and the option to run them solo. The Abyss Dungeons are the conclusion of Tier1 and Tier 2. It was the hardest content during that time that reward you with the best possible armor in those tiers (Epic/Legendary Gear). Those dungeons are ment to be hard. If you can’t kill them you don’t miss out on anything in the long run. Eventually you will hit Tier 3 and the Items are gone.

Making the dungeons soloable is also out of question. Most mechanics were developed with the intention of going in with 4 semi-coordinated people. Changing those encounters to be challanging for one person would take up way too much time. There is plenty of other stuff you can do as a solo player. Abyss Dungeons weren’t developed as a solo experience.
In my personal oppinion I liked the challange it posed to me and and my friends. We went in blind and had fun for quite some time.

I personaly like the experience Lost Ark offers me. There is deffinatly a lot things to improve. But right now most of the stuff people talk about are just stupid complaints. I hope this situation imrpoves in the next few month with people who obviously don’t like the game start quitting.

Tl;Dr: Why do people complain about core mechanics that were obvious from day one? Many people choose Lost Ark because of those systems. If you don’t like core game mechanics maybe it’s easier to look for another game instead of changing an existing game. Let the people who enjoy those mechanics play the game. :slight_smile: