Common/reproducible game crash

  1. Seemingly reproducible crash, after 30min-2h of the actions mentioned below.

  2. How to reproduce:
    -Change screen mode to windowed or borderless, while in game and logged in with your character.

-Change screen mode to fullscreen.

-Play 30mins-2h

-Game should be crash without any notification/errors. You also should get a still image of your game at the time of changing screen mode to fullscreen (so around 30min-2h ago).

Both of these ingame images were around 1h in past time, while I was playing in FS mode:

Ingame settings:
Server - EU - Thirain
DX11 - 1920x1080

AMD RX 570, driver ver. 20.11.2
Intel i5-8600K
WIn10 Pro, 10.0.19042 Build 19043