Communication and the Audience

Hello, folks. Enjoying the forums in the past hour? Perhaps the Lost Ark discord? Yeah, a lot of fun times going on right now.

But let me stop being facetious and get to the topic of my post.

It would help if you did better AGS. Now, I’m no developer or even consider myself the most technologically adept person out there, but I know how to please or enrage an audience. Enraging, you’ve gotten down pretty well, and it all comes down to your inability to communicate appropriately. As they say, communication makes the world go round, and you, dear AGS, have come to a standstill in that department.

Do you communicate? Yes. Do you speak promptly? No. I’ve only been part of this community for a short time. Still, whenever you lack communication, the excuse seems to be “until we know for sure” or “until we can guarantee” or anything along those lines, and this is where you’re doing the whole communication thing wrong.

Communication isn’t about giving information when all facts are in place. Communication is about, well, communicating. It is about open dialogue between two parties; it is about acknowledging and letting your audience know what is going on.

Let’s take the April/May roadmap, for example. You waited until the first days of April to give a roadmap for the month. Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with this, but it is not something that will fill your audience with much confidence. It creates a feeling of anxiety, a feeling that the people in charge are not as prepared and as competent as they’d like. There was communication as to why the roadmap was delayed, but the reasons given didn’t help this feeling. The powers-that-be wanted to provide the most accurate information, that they could fulfill all promises? That’s nice and all, but you left your audience anxious on your way to creating the most precise information given.

And now we come to the first significant update in April, and the audience is again left disappointed and anxious. Why? The powers-that-be did not disclose any information about what to expect for the April 14th update. Instead, hopes were allowed to rise about new content released this week before being savagely cut down only hours before maintenance. Now community forums are up in rage and flames, and it was because of a straightforward thing.

Lack of communication.

There were two ways communication could have improved:

  1. Give your community something. We did not need a complete roadmap. We did not need a roadmap “set in stone”; we just needed some form of information. If you explain that it can change, your audience will understand because at least there is a feeling of open communication, and the audience feels heard.

  2. Release the April/May roadmap with exact dates of when those updates are coming. The fact of the matter is, the powers-that-be took so long before releasing said roadmap; with the reasoning being it had to be accurate, it would be logical for the audience to believe dates are established. Why else did it take so long? Was there ever an explanation for this? With dates, this gives the audience the impression that those in charge took so long because they were ironing out the nitty-gritty details.

As for the most recent communication debacle, I’m sure some employees keep an eye on the community’s social circles. As soon as it was apparent - a few days ago - that the community was anticipating the April content update to drop this week, there should have been an official announcement that that wasn’t happening. Would people still be upset? Yes. Would they be enraged? No. Because at least, this way, a feeling of being “led on” was never established, which has happened this week. The audience felt led to believe they were getting something they weren’t. It might not have been intentional, but it was still a consequence of events, including the lack of denial from those in charge.

The audience is a simple organism; their emotional state is manipulated with little difficulty because the audience feeds off its emotions. I am not saying the audience will ever be happy. I’d say it’s something that will rarely happen. But an audience can feel content and free of anxiety, which comes down to proper and timely communication. Communication doesn’t have to be just good news; it simply needs to be news.

This a long post full of useless tips to AGS, they publish not develop the game. Change every AGS into SmileGate and your post makes sense.