Communication - back to square one?

So last month AGS were praised since they for once actually communicated proper dates of content release & information about what it actually would contain well ahead of time. This due to very much criticism of extremely poor and communication up until that point.

Considering we are in the middle of June and we still don’t have a proper date for Vykas, is it safe to assume AGS/SG has already forgotten the lessons learnt?


bro, its back to square 0.5~ 1 is an overstatement~

baby steps.
we got June & July roadmap :slight_smile: quite nice.

we had that last time aswell (april/may) + specific may content update.
1 week ahead of time we were given exact date for the may update.
this time… nothing more than “roughly mid june”.

well, if it is next week, we are still in time, for them to hit “1 week ahead” for the announcement :slight_smile:

They have a lot to talk about before vykas, at this point nobody really cares about vykas, WE WANT THE SERVERS TO FIX IT! stop thinking about your belly button.

Funny. I know atleast one guy who wants to know what is coming.

that was 15 days ago… now nobody cares anymore vykas, the game is dying

You mean two weeks ago? Regarding the same content im talking about? KEKW

you want to compare a post meme with the current situation of the servers, which is not the same as it was 15 days ago, congratulations on your childish mental

Oh? You’re saying there was not 10k queues two weeks ago? Just give up. Go troll somewhere else.

Sorry. Those 2 neurons are busy trying to comprehend your sentences.

i only care about vykas :slight_smile: and the game is def. not dying :slight_smile:

still 1445, but saved a lot of mats. gonna hone when i know a date

haha i lose all my mats xD

Good luck :smiley:

yeah i know i need a lot, so i saved a lot :slight_smile:

Bye Argos Gold

I uploaded today, I still don’t know if the argos gold is really lost from now on or when the clown comes out as others say

I thought that it was implemented already, that’s why im holding @ 1470, selling mats now.

if I remember I’ll write to you on Thursday commenting if it continues to give me gold