Communication Fail / 1 Hour server down still no Notes

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but the patch notes have been out hours ago…?


Lol what? Patch notes for the upcoming maintenance was posted like 11 hours ago.

You should really do some research before making a thread.
Either way, here you go.


I need compensation for this stupid thread.

Please mail me some silver and battle items.


this are no notes, this is just information about the server down and no vykan this week,
there are still no notes about fixes of something else

Please read it slowly again? These are the notes, period.

This guy :rofl:

It’s only been an hour based on what you said. Go do something to kill the time until then. I can’t believe one hour is enough to make a big deal out of this.

At the same time, it must be recognized that when the maintenance time is exceeded, it is a bit worrying.
Did they make a mistake that they have to fix urgently?

Kinda curious now what his next response will be. Will he admit his mistake or will he be that classic angry forum boi and double down.

You need some H2O and o2 my dude. Suns out, go breath some fresh air.