Communication feedback

Next month, when Valtan releases, you should give players a 1-2 week heads up. You know how people got mad about the April update and I would argue that if you do the same to Valtan (which has WAY more importance) it would get a lot more backlash. I saw you answered a post of someone asking about when we will get patchnotes. You said something along the lines of: “you are going to get them when we post the server downtime notice, but there is a holiday weekend which we won’t be working” I think this is excellent show of what good communication looks like. There wasn’t any backlash at all from you basically saying “soon tm”. Thats because you simply said why and took it down to a personal level. Everyone could see themselves in your shoes. You didn’t have to give that info but it is appreciated.

Quote from the April-May roadmap:

Valtan’s Legion Raid and Deskaluda will be moved if we feel these activities would create pressure within the community.

Just wanted to highlight this statement. Having the expectation this content is promised is only going to cause issues before it is even released.

However, if nothing else, this also strengthens your feedback that this must be promptly and broadly communicated.

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Agreed tho I think if they actually delay it, it will get even worse backlash.