Communication is silent

Dear Amazon-Team,

I have to give a feedback regarding the communication.
We have several issues running around in the community and
it would help a lot to have official communication / responses to certain big topics.
At the moment the #creators are making it their job to rescue the broad mass of players from false information or hate by doing podcasts.
Normally this is the job of the social media team grabbing all the infos and doing a podcast or bigger forum post to answer all the open things.

A few topics:

  • What are the plans for the cash shop regarding prices?
  • Is the censoring really happening? Having an open discussion what would fit best or is happening would be really nice. At the moment we have “potential lies” laying open and nobody knows.
  • What is with the progress? Were the island rewards intended?
  • Will we stay with the nerfed raids or will it raise in difficulty again?
  • What is the status regarding the amount of bugs that have been reported? Do we have some big work on some points?

Thats just a few of the questions I would really love to hear some official statements. At the moment I just think Sywo and a few others are reaching out to the CMs on the backend.
@Roxx please respond here if it has been read. I dont expect answers this instant but at least the information that it maybe will be thought about would be positive :slight_smile:

I for my part will play the game anyway but I would love the game to reach its full potentital and not being hunkered down to some corner game because of some fears.

Yours sincerely
Cyler <3



We totally understand the want to have a ton of communication and, frankly, we want to provide that for you. Please understand that we are currently 5 days into a Technical Beta that is going on for a week. Many of our staff members working overtime and around the clock in a live environment to run tests, monitor systems, and gather feedback. Keeping things running as smoothly as possible is our current focus; once Beta ends and our reports have been aggregated, that is when any next steps will happen. All of these things take time, and we cannot do them all at once or overnight.

To address the topics you mention in this post directly:

  • Monetization systems are still a work in progress, as mentioned in our Closed Beta Details Article as well as our Business Model Article. Granting players Royal Crystals and allowing them to use the shop for the first time is part of our testing.
  • Our answer to this question has not changed at any point in time. We are not removing any outfits, and only adding new ones. Racy outfits are no longer front and center in places like marketing or character creation. The game is still as violent and sexy as it ever was.
  • I don’t think I know what “What is with the progress?” means. Could you elaborate? Is this a piece of feedback on a game system or something else?
  • We cannot answer if raids will change at this time because the Beta is still ongoing and we are still collecting feedback directly pertaining to this topic. Once the Beta ends, we will be collecting and collating all of this feedback to forward to the game team who will make those types of decisions.
  • Bug reporting is ongoing, as Beta still has several days left. We are tracking them, even if we do not have the bandwidth to reply to every single post that is made. Yes, we intend to fix bugs before launch, but again, our focus is currently running the Beta test.

We have worked hand-in-hand with Smilegate RPG in order to bring you this version of Lost Ark. We are happy to take any and all player feedback and can assure you that it will be reported to the game team.


There are some very high rewards available through islands that many believe were added as catchup mechanics that are cutting down the time to reach maximum gear significantly. Many in the community are afraid that this will hurt not only their own experience but the longevity of the game, as people might quit early due to either falling extremely behind because they don’t know or reaching the cap and leaving. That’s what people are concerned about in regards to progression.

Thanks TrevzorFTW for your answer, let’s hope that finally the suits are not censored.
Thanks again.

Ruby there’s a pretty extensive thread on this. That you can add to. Alot of us share similar views on the current rewards, but plese do feel free to contribute to that thead as well :slight_smile:

To add to this, the entirety of our T1 content is based on the T3 version of the game - this means the difficulty of both the rate of progression and the dungeons/guardians is far too low and people progress too fast, too easy.

This is a big problem as new players are coming into the endgame for the first time, and we will only have T1 for however many months, and being spoon fed T1 the way it currently is will give them the idea that the endgame is easy and shallow, and you can’t simply tell these players to “wait, it will get better”.

Zizaran/RaizQT/Saintone/Sywo’s podcast goes over this issue and they express the same serious concerns for the first player experience in our version.


I was just summarising the consensus as it seemed Trevzor wasn’t aware of what OP meant.

To clarify this further… you and @Roxx both have said that outfits have not been removed from the game. However, the starting armor of the Martial Artist, Assassin, and Mage have been removed and changed from how they look in the KR/RU version. Will the original outfits still be obtainable in game via another method since they are no longer present as starting armor? During the Closed Beta I have yet to see the original starting armor show up anywhere in game.


No they have not.

The previews that are ONLY viewable on the character creation screen were swapped with some other alternatives, which is exactly what Trevzor is referring to when saying “Racy outfits are no longer front and center in places like marketing or character creation”.

The default outfit you start with is exactly the same. Nothing when you leave that screen and move to gameplay has changed. You start with the same outfit you would in every other version.

It is not and never has been a starting armour. It is a preview of armour you get later in the game.

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No you do not. I have tried the classes I have mentioned and outside of Assassin (who gets it as a set of armor instead of their default look/starting armor), the Martial Artist and Mage do not have the outfit that you see in the KR/RU version. Nor do those two outfits show up at any point while leveling. They are gone hence my question to Amazon on whether they are still obtainable and I just missed it or whether they are gone completely.


You are wrong.

Then show me where in the game you acquire the red Martial Artist outfit and the blue Mage outfit that characters start with in the KR/RU version. Because they do not exist in the NA/EU version.


How deep. Then how about this? Look like changed outfit and not preview in character creation.

Let’s contain the back and forth arguing to the thread that is 500 posts deep with it and just use this thread as a reference.

Thank you for that link and image… I really did not want to dig back through 500+ posts in the other thread to find this particular image again. But it clearly shows that an outfit was removed and the removed outfit in question is gone from the game.

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What part of it is untrue? and how are you sure?

They aren’t nerfed lol

Bruh the game isn’t released can we shut up about the starting outfits already
The marketing though is the lowest quality part of the game.

The korean website is 10000x better looking than the west one, how are they going to deal with this promotional stuff just remove the character?
The games advertising is like 80% ecchi

and the community artwork is amazing but I can bet it’s too triggering to have front and center

How are they going to deal with fan art contests, are they even going to bother?

The left is what the default was at level 1 before the removal of all the prologues, a change that has occurred in all regions. We start at level 10.

Thanks for clarification. Then we will see if it will be that way on release. BTW, you could have said it sooner and sparred whole arguing.

Regardless of starting at level 1 or level 10, that armor is what your character is wearing if you take off all your armor or outfit. So there is a difference.

I just want some statement from Amazon why it was changed/removed when their stance has always been that no outfits have been removed.