Communications: A Critical Error

How is this even working for you Lost Ark?
How exactly can you give 0 craps about your community and expect to be understood?
There are thousands of people who could have taken days off work, cancelled plans for this update and you are letting everyone know just a few hours before it’s supposed to happen that it will not happen. Do you mean to say you only just realized those critical errors will prevent the update and expect it to be believed?

In what world are patch notes released less than a day before a patch?
In what world do you consider pure ignorance healthy for your product?
To top it off the message was:
Heroes of Arkesia,

During final testing for the April Update our QA team found some critical issues, requiring us to delay the April update while we work to resolve them. We know this comes as a disappointment, as we’re excited for both South Vern and the Glavier to arrive in Arkesia. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to resolve these issues and release the April Update.

We are missing some information here, how long will it be delayed? Will it be next update on 28th? Will it be in May? Will servers go down for any type of maintenance if no patch?
I would have expected a bit more professionalism.

What a shame!



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amazon is crap… sorry to say this but i am sooo fking tempted to uninstall the game i love… its not even about the delays, its about the communication, they have lied 3 times telling us “we will improve communication” yet 3 times they did the same things of dropping the bomb 1 day before patch… hope they go bankrupt what a joke company they are…


Not even 1 day before…

I can’t imagine how they can hype the ark pass, the glaivier twitter post, and the south vern trailer and just say LOL JK. I don’t know how you can confidently say this and delay it even further LMAO.

AGS continues to surprise me.

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Amazing what can be done when you are facing the possibility of loss of MONEY

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