Community- be more helpful

This is not about first-timers who have no clue on the mechanics and try to sneak into a reclear/alt/title raid party. I do not support this just to be clear… and no one really should.

This post is about being receptive of learners and an awareness check of what kind of community we want LOA to be. No new gamers = dead game.

Original Post:
Help the learners, who have actually done the homework for boss mechanics and are actually trying.

One of my more major concerns with the game are the people not as willing to help learners (in legion raids for example). Especially when the learner (i.e. myself recently) has the gear/engravings & ALSO has watched vids to self-learn mechs before running the raid.

Most people playing the game at that high level don’t want to be “bus’d” or “carried”. We want to play and make an impact too.

It just speaks for the community- if the community is NOT REALLY a community, then well the game has no chance of surviving thru the ages.

::think:: Is it a healthy environment when the “newbie” won’t even speak up or ask questions for fear of getting kicked from the group?

My two cents. Help your gamer community folks!! Those who want to actually contribute and help, will indefinitely learn fast. If it costs one or two wipes- no biggie. Those who are just looking to get carried, then well- Eff them (aka kick them from party). Lol.

A possible way moving forward:
One of the ways I can think about it is having a party of veterans who are willing to take in maybe one or two max learners (who have done the homework and know the major mechanics + important mechanics) and imagine how much impact for the community that would do.

Host wouldn’t get burned out, maybe 1-2 wipes expected but overall doing good for the community and game.

PS: Shoutout to the group I did Vykas with recently. The Party Lead explained the numbering system for Gate 2: 2nd major mechanic. I only needed a clarification since the video that I watched used letters (i.e. bbrbb). I will pay it forward for sure!


unfortunately the number of people who do valtan/vykas learning parties are few and far between but yes it’s better if the game isn’t just pages of bus advertisements whenever you check party finder

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Well, if we could actually focus everything in a main and alts were not required to progress, also if we could repeat runs… maybe.
But sorry, no time, gotta do vykas with main and another 5 characters and it’s boring af.


The sad part is the game as a whole has become how fast can you get everything done so you don’t have to keep doing it.

That leads to people being far less accepting of newer players still learning boss mechanics.


I’d make a friendly suggestion to not make your gaming experience a chore and try to do everything all at once. If you are not actually enjoying the game, then maybe you should change your approach of playing the game.

If you miss a weekly or a few dailies here and there, It’s also not the end of the world so no stress!

We should all be playing games for enjoyment right? If it’s like a 2nd job, then maybe something is wrong. . .

“be more helpful” ok man sorry my bad, I will waste 5-6 hours of my time to teach people how to do vykas.

Apprently bussing for free orehas/argos’s, giving tips,
and making numerous videos from community members it not enough.

Just like it took you a few hours when you learned to do it, yes. But now that you have it on farm there is zero tolerance for anyone else not yet there.


Oh I’m enjoying the game, but I have no time to teach because I’m too busy with 200 characters

It’s just where we are at in this day and age. Everything seemingly “needs” to be fast and we forget that we were learners ourselves once.

It’s like living in the city, where life is fast and busy- nobody has time to stop and help a fellow neighbor.

We all gotta get out of that mindset

No one taught me on how to do things, I watched the videos and learned how to do the mechanics. The people doing them currently are able to do the same thing but are too lazy to do so. Thereby I could give 2 cares for them.

There are wayyyy too many learning groups available. People just complain about whatever they can possibly complain about.

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I agree, but in LA it’s just that much worse. Since the daily content loop is so extremely static and has been for so long, it’s no longer about the fun of doing it, but just getting it done.

You still want the resources, you still want the gold, but my god are you tired of killing the same bosses every day lol.

You still wiped to mechanics while progressing. Even if someone watches every video and has all the cheatsheets, first hand experience is the best teacher.

So yes, I agree if 7 people are blasting the content out and one person continues to fail even after explaining the mechanic or whatever, it may be doomed, but way to many people have taken up a zero tolerance policy towards people not being perfect.


How is it worse than other MMOS?

It seems to me like you have never played WOW or any other MMORPG if you are claiming lost ark is bad.


I played MMO’s since M59. I’ve written full on blogs about this topic around here already it’s not worth retyping it all out. You can compare the content loops in many MMOs, yes they all end up in this sort of place I agree.

If you have 0 clue how to do vykas, and a title is required, you join and lie, then that’s on you.

IF you join vykas and you have full set, + title and you still don’t know the mechanics that’s on you.

IF you join vykas and it’s a learning party then it’s on them.


Messing up once or twice is one thing, anything above three however is a kick if the first two apply.

Not disagreeing, just saying because everyone just wants the damn shit done for another week the tolerance levels of most players is 0



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I agree with this. Just as what Redrowen has said though, many people have a zero tolerance for learners who in fact has actually done the homework to learn mechanics on their own before trying the raid. This is what I’m addressing-

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Yup @Surviving isn’t wrong at all. If you don’t know the fight slip into a reclear party and cause and endless headache, that’s poor play on that players part.

The player base is also pretty stagnant, so there aren’t a lot of “new” players really getting into Legion raids on most servers anyway. Learner parties still exist but there are far fewer of them and the old guard as it were who have been killing everything on release just do not have the patience to take a mokoko and wipe with it for a few hours.

The problem is with alts. All of us are willing to learn. We will all be learning a new fight with clown. It will just be with our static groups and not the general public for the majority of players. Once we learn the fights, we are not going to want to relearn the fights on 5+ alts. That takes too much time with the amount of raiding required weekly.

If I could get by on like 2 alts and also be able to do the raids more than once, I’d be one of those types that would try to run some learning raids. It just isn’t worth the time investment with how this game runs.

If I may add other point of view is some player very self centered, i bet many of you already experienced an event where some player said “that’s it, one mistake and im done” - next thing we know is that player died 1st…

Just keep the spirit up @TheWillowWay, even “exp / reclear / full relic / titled” is expected to have a lot of mistakes / silly things…

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