Community designed pet!

this sounds so nice, hope you guys do more of this in the future. can’t wait to see what comes out.


Is this the item we’ve been asking for?
A community designed pet? Or maybe something else?

I hope the pet won’t be Royal Crystal exclusive from the shop

Is this a joke? Community pet that is designed in a stream :rofl:

that’s cool

I’m not sure what’s being referenced in the post you linked with that specific wording, but I can confirm that when the Adobe/Twitch Chat designed pet is ready, it will be available to earn as a Twitch Drop and won’t be a Royal Crystal purchase :slight_smile:


Zeals said in his twitch stream today that it is not a pet!

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why you removed my reply for ?

I don’t care about that chicken pet (I never use it) but the idea of AGS sitting down and getting the community involved is cool and I hope we see more of it in the future

Let me guess, the twitch channel will be in subscriber only mode. Why is this even called community pet when you can only “participate” in twitch

Maybe it was not nice

This is a joke, with so many broken things in the game the priority is a “community gift pet” ?

  1. make all mat roaster bound
  2. give us the possibility to tranfert loot to alt without pheon

the community would be mutch happier.


i said similar thing to this and mine is got removed

I agree with #2

but you have to see the downsides of have all mats roster bound mats
screw gold inflation, it will be a ilvl inflation and I don’t think that’s good for long run of the game


I disagree with the negativity this post is getting as these are done by different teams, so asking them to prioritize one after the other is kinda meaningless.

Also the pet looks to be ALBION so im hype!

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If the pet has a beard like Datmodz I’m in.

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These things are not related or comparable at all – your points brought up here are pieces of game feedback that are suggestions for changing the design of the game. While these are valid pieces of feedback and have already been passed on to the development team, they do not have any bearing on a completely separate and fun-focused collaboration opportunity to involve the community in designing a free pet. There will always be feedback surrounding the game itself and changes that people want to see implemented, but having feedback present doesn’t mean we are going to avoid doing new fun activities when we can.


Yashh! Its great u guys are actually doing this. We have been talking about the West version doing new things like the other regions have since b4 the official release.

Definitely a joke because a Creative Marketing lead and Community Manager definitely have the ability to implement those changes.


feedback ? problems with EUW and SA or other broken things are aint feedbacks , they are facts which AGS ignoring all the time. fun activities ? is this a kindergarten ? game isnt fun much of time for these regions or when i cant find something i wanted in AH or when party finder is empty for most of the time.

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Even better just give us a datmodz pet.