Community designed pet!

ikr? imagine having fun playing a game, who does that?

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Why cant you just keep these issues on the appropriate topics

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they never listen to anything even 600+ rep topic.

But we get a “free community pet”

let’s /lailai and enjoy this wonderfull gift !

Finally they’re doing more advertising and marketing, and involving the community in something fun. and we get to see THE TEAM for once!

Good move, though a 24h notice is not a good thing since many would miss on the article, short notice.

If i were to market that, I would have used a more catchy title that would grab more attention to it, views and clicks wise, something in the lines of “CM Roxx sits for a Community Designed Pet Live Stream on Twitch”. The community is more familiar with who she is more than the streamer or the creative lead, and would’ve generated much more interest to check what is inside the article and attend the stream!


I am honored that you think I’m cool enough to make an attention grabbing and catchy title :yellow_heart: Honestly I’m just excited to be involved!


Again - the teams that make pets and all cosmetics and such arent the same people that will fix the things people complain about. Its 2022, at this point id expect people are educated enough in the gaming industy down to the basics atleast.

I cant take seriously people hijacking threads to spread negativity.

There’s no shot its actually dictated by Twitch chat, because if they actually take chat instructions, every pet designed this way will literally just come out looking like a penis.


i just need Vykas and Brelshaza pet pls thx!

Interestingly enough, lore wise, Brel did in fact give Vykas a mini chibi Echidna pet (her former Legion Commander boss).

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me want!!! :sob: also i need the horns skin cause they’re great :sob:

It’ll be a penis with boobs for sure.

Then it definitely doesnt have anything to do with community

To be honest those kind of events are the things that we needed as a community, I can’t wait to see what kind of monster are we going to create :laughing:

Honestly this is cool as hell and we need more things like this to get the community engaged as a whole together.

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I’d have liked to be Argos, since it didn’t win last time, but I guess Albion wouldn’t be that bad, besides it will be free.


the sihlouette[cant type that word lol] kinda gives it away its Albion, but i wouldnt be against Argos either xD

I hope this goes well and next they do a community made skin.

Right you are, so we’ll be adding some new color combos to a provided base for this particular round hahaha

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jez people are so negative all the time lol useless comments.

Based on its silhouette, that gotta be another Helgaia pet. :frowning: