Community Management feedback

I know you are just the messenger but the overall Community Management has been very mediocre in my opinion.

Problem #1
Instead of updating players via an Official Post on either Twitter, the Website or the News Forums, you have to dig trough x threads to find answers about the EU Server problems. Nobody knows when it gets better. Nobody knows if it gets better. All we get is “there are issues” in some forum posts with thousands of replies and this has been going on for a week now.

Problem #2
You seem to completely ignore suggestions the community makes. The large majority of people were not happy with their Lite-Founder Packs if they switched Regions for example. This is very likely also the reason why your plan has not worked out and people are staying on EU Central and have no motivation to switch. You keep ignoring feedback and you will continuously pay the price for it.

Problem #3
You ignore way too many issues. Many people have been asking about Twitch Drops on new region for 3 days for example and did not get an answer (afaik, as mentioned earlier im too lazy to dig trough x posts to maybe get an answer to this)

Problem #4
No communication during EU Times. You guys clearly don’t seem to have any CM that answers stuff on the forums during EU times.


Yea wonder if they are trying to stonewall it and hope it passes but in my book its a risky gamble it can get so much worse. In any case they don’t seem to mind leaving money on the table, kinda strange behavior from an amazon company. leaving the customers in the dark like this will make them hesitant to spend more money.

Imagine having an actual Dev here giving you real info about what are they doing , how much could it take etc

Instead of " yeah there is a problem ". Thank you for letting me know we have a problem trust me I didn’t notice it while I was getting kicked from abyss or while I was stuck on matchmaking for 25 min because servers are dying

Pretty sure we’re just being trolled at this point.