Community poll for next class!

Wouldn’t it be cool if Smilegate let us vote on which class should be released in western regions?


I totally agree with this!!

Make up another strawpoll and add it to your main post!!

They are listening. The first poll actually showed Lance master as highest demand. So make it with the remaining classes

  • Scouter
  • Artist
  • Summoner
  • Arcana
  • Reaper




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this way, get artist or scooter for june, and the other for july, making arcana not delayed for 1 month but three, Also in most poll it comes last so it would continue until october…

perfect idea delaying it endlessly i admit

Personally I think the best thing to do is release one super popular class and one least popular! That way both ends of the spectrum are filled :3

Let’s be real though, all the classes are :heart: Arcana is actually my personal favorite of all the mage classes. Her Legendary Avatar with bunny ears is 10/10

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yes, in a marketing strategy way it is best, but i fucking don’t care about amazon profit…

And overall this is why on the forum, most people (while having a favourite) was not so much debating about class order but getting them faster (faster than the 1 per month we were shown with first roadmap)

when i said 3 class per 2 month it would do last class in august, whiel aeromancer being for summer in KR, could come 2 or 3 month later, and femzerk being for end of year could come to us by january… because those two class can have the “new class effect” and getting 2+ month delay from previous class release could be really efficient (far more than arcana or destro…)

Also, it would allow to get us up to date with korea fast (only aeromancer being release in korea while we don’t have all previous) which is what Gold River said to want for west version. getting fast to korea state to then move to a global release of major patch (with just a delay due to difference in maintenance day of the week)
About localisation ? not because the patch is not released in KR that it is impossible to work on localisation :p. classes in BDO are now global release it works well.

That’s the toxic instant gratification generation for you.

if destroyer isn’t as horrible as it currently is in KR, i’ll be content investing in that. if it releases for us in the same state it currently is in the east, then i’m waiting for scouter which is an all around capable class.