(Community) Why are people proud to be f2p, if they dont spend money and support the game?

also what does f2p mean? are you still f2p, if you just spend 1-2€ or bought skins etc for yourself, where you dont really get any advantages?

Gaming is usually about achievment . So the reason is the same that hard mode exists in single player games . As odd as It may sound to consider mindless grinding as a achievment .

Ehh it depends.

Some people view F2P as “earning it” and are upset that others can advance without “earning it”

Some people view paying almost akin to cheating in a way.

Some people are envious.

Everyone is different so youre going to get different answers.


Don’t think any1 is proud of f2p, usually those ppl can’t afford to top up thats all

Being F2P is more than just endless grinding… some don’t even grind at all. F2P is more about proving to others that things are achievable without spending money. Being F2P can also benefit those who might feel the need to spend excessively and save them money in the long run.

It doesn’t really matter if you’re F2P or not. You do what you want and what makes you happy. If you feel bad about spending money or whaling… maybe you should stop. Everything is possible f2p anyway… if you’re patient


i don’t think someone who don’t spent has to be ashamed or sth Oo…
I basically hated every ftp model in an mmo game …
I have no issues paying 50 bucks for a full game … or paying a monthly sub.
If there is a ftp model its usually just garbage … because yeah well u are jsut pressured to pay for kind of bad stuff … or have a worse time playing.
Some good examples were LoL or Path of Exile ( althought i think some quality of life tabs are kind of needed and over some years it were 10 bucks here and there but to buy them from scratch would be horror)
Still to thinking that its an already build game , with created skins , and we get the worst version … i payed 99 for platin pack and it feels kind of meh…
Some skins here and there maybe the aura that should be it this monetazation just made the bots and abuses worse .

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I’m f2p and only ~10 ilvl behind my moderate whale.friend, it’s all that matters in the world right now. Kappa

I do it for achievement, everyone can whip out the old credit card, also I couldn’t care less about skins, I care about gameplay, so really no incentive to spend for me.

I don’t give a fuck how others play the game, and neither should you.


Because I never once spent money in an MMO and was happy about it a year later. I just know I won’t play this game eventually, and the less money I waste to do so now, the better it is for me in the long run.

There are plenty of people putting ungodly amounts of money into lost ark, they don’t need my 20 bucks here or there, anyway.


I would spend a reasonable amount of money on this game if spending a reasonable amount helped with the pain points it has. But it doesn’t. So technically I wouldn’t consider myself proud to be F2P … just content that I’m not wasting my money.


I would whale so hard for skins. but seems they dont want my money


Being a whale in this game is moronic. It only proves “a fool and his money are soon parted”. This game is a crappy casino, that only serves to pull a lever. They try to bait you into spending money by FOMO. Once you get over the fact there is no FOMO and who cares, this game gets a lot more enjoyable. It also makes it a lot easier to quit when the time comes.


Game companies are like animals you must train. You have to reward good behavior (Revealing skins or cool mounts releases) with purchases, and punish bad behaviors (selling content items, limit removers, etc…), by ignoring these and not buying them.

But of course there are plenty of weak minded players who can’t get a hold of themselves and will purchase honing materials and spoil the whole training sesssion!

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Don’t put down just logging on and playing. Each person just being present is already enough. An empty game does not bring others in.

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