Compass Dailies NEED to be Fixed

Lockout should be UPON COMPLETION and NOT upon entry.

I’ve LOST my Choas Gate for the day because of yet again another AGS Server side packet loss issue. You know, the one that crashes you game usually at the end of instanced areas typically with lock outs.

When you are in Tier 3 with limited reward content, and one of those gets lost due to server side issues is not ok.

(-) It was not an ISP connection issue. It was specific to the game only.


Not really a trivial fix. If you get locked out on completion then people can abuse it and leave before finish for infinite resources. Every change to this system replaces one issue with another and since it works like this in current KR version, probably not worth the effort (and out of AGS’s hands).

EDIT: Whoopsie, misread chaos gate as chaos dungeon.

what resources from chaos gate?

Chaos Dungeon would for sure cause some issues. Events that don’t have rewards until the very end but count as complete upon entry are the ones I’m referring to. (Chaos Gate / Adventure Island / Abyss Dungeon)

Chaos Gates , at the very end, provide a Map, potential Books. The Map then has resources for Honing. Since the game itself had a connection error when the boss died, I got locked out of the Chaos Gate and did not get those rewards. (There are quite a few more instances of this happening on forums / reddit.). It doesn’t seem extremely common, but seems to be reoccurring for those who dealt with it once.

They also provide shards to be traded for maps at main cities.