Compensation - crystaline aura

I understand that when the game was release, there may be some isues, however a broken crystaline aura and inability to log in due to overload or queues is a fault on the developer side, so I don’t see a single reason why we actually pay for your mistakes without a single word to compensating at least crystaline aura when game come to work


This is something they should consider. Hope they do something.

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I’m truly sorry for this situation our devs team are still working non-stop to solve the situation with the crystalline aura.

I understand you want know exactly what its going to be compensation or how this is going to be fixed but unfortunately we don’t have the exactly information about this at the moment but you can rest assure that we will handle the situation in the best way possible and as soon as we have an update we will let all of you know!

Please view more updates on this post below:

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I bought the apprentice starter pack on the 15th and have yet to receive it. At least us who they can confirm bought crystalline aura should get it for free until the items have been restored.

Not to mention half the reason for the pack is moot now since the gear for levelling is useless after hitting 50.

Even better, let’s one up it and give everyone a little extra aura since we can’t even group together since launch on EU central.