Compensation? Doesn´t really fit the loss!

Hi @Roxx ,

I really love your jokes. This compensation isn´t anyway near that what I lost yestarday. I do my daylies on 18 Characters. We had Gold Island yesterday (750 Gold) and couldn´t do Maharaka.

Your compensation isn´t anywhere near this. It feels like a slap in the face!


I do agree the compensation is a bit of a funny one considering it took all day… But the pheon cost does amount to much more than you’d have gotten from a normal Maharaka and Gold Island…


Would you like your 60 gold extra from maharaka? I can mail u for stop this complaining in forum all day


Obvious trolling aside, people seem to forget/omit that missing a day of chores only loses 1/3rd of the value.

The pheons alone are a ton of gold.

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20 pheon is not even enough for one acc


AGS, @Roxx and team don’t want you to get pheons quickly. It’s obvious they don’t want to promote alting.

Thats why they stay dead silent every single time it’s brought up as a major complaint on the game. Bots or no bots, it’s just hurting the player base as a whole.


It feels like ANOTHER slap in the face. Let me remind you that eu central even had another downtime after server went back up.

Give up on this game. It’s more than proven they are trolling their customers.

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What is the compensation anyway?

They gave you the best reward you could ask for. Only for you it came yesterday


I really don´t want hundreds of pheons, but I want all my possible entries I had yestarday and a make up event for the lost Gold island and the Maharaka.

I really dont want any pheons, i only want, what could have gotten by playing. And thats not 2 times resonance, thats only 1 character, but I have 18! Wheres the rest 17?


It is seen that they do not do anything right, they only know how to say that it is SG fault

im more disappointed about na getting the same compensation as eu gets, considering they could still play the game during the evening…

Roxx has no hidden motives you meatball. She has a job like anything else. you really think Roxx gives two fucks about the financial metrics or business planning of the company lol.

Was 5:30am till midnight NA on east coast… EU could play in the morning.

Oh god, relax. 20 Pheon is nice, I always appreciate the extra Aura, and there’s a pile of honing mats. Boo-hoo, I got to do some Una Tasks yesterday and had to wake up for work, I lost yesterday too.

Basic health that everyone should know

In the morening? Server were up at 6 am, most players ahad to work today

which means they still got to to the dailies, including gold island, while we lost a full day

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20 pheon, 1 ring cost 25, its like a joke, as rest. :rofl: