Compensation for 1415 honing buff?

Hi guys!
As you all know, AGS/SG decided to raise stronghold’s honing buff from 1370 to 1415. Obviously that’s a great change, however because it wasn’t communicated at least 69 days in advance a lot of people went ahead and spent their mats on honing their alts’ gear pieces to +15. The result of that is a lot of wasted mats. Once again AGS/SG showed us how they don’t care about players and I think we can all agree that we deserve compensation for this honing buff. Considering the severity of damage that’s been done to the playerbase with these changes I think 40-50 pheons, as well as honing mats chests worth AT LEAST 10k gold and 2-3 legendary selection card packs is an adequate compensation for our troubles. What do you guys think?

LUL :stuck_out_tongue:


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u troll right :smile:


Are you for real? Why the heck should they give compensation?

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ofc he is xD

“69 days in advance” was a bit too obvious xD


Why the heck they shouldn’t!? Another change by AGS designed to hurt players!

Another troll post. Yay.

That have to be troll if that is serious holy crap…

Tl;dr: no. It was your own decision to make your alts to 1415. we are many months behind KR so we knew that sooner or later that buff will come.


Typical AGS shill… Keep being a white knight while they intentionally mess with playerbase by giving them honing buffs

Wtf dude. I made all my alts to 1415+ all my friends too even in the past 3-4weeks. It is what it is. Nothing whiteknighting or else.

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KEKW good one

@Roxx Is it something AGS can consider?

Uhm…no, they won’t consider. :smiley:

It was clear that the buff is coming sometimes. So, you COULD have just waited.

That’s not hurting the players, thats just a veeeeeery strange mindset what you have there. :smiley:

Or trolling, who knows. :stuck_out_tongue:

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also need compensation for all the potential legendary cards i could’ve got the last few weeks before the event guardian shop update!


I flagged the post but apparently it was already flagged for review :rofl:

i expect compensation for this wasted all my mats on my alts becouse of poor communication give me my mats back i want 500 great honor stones + 60k honor shards + red/blue guardian stones :slight_smile:

Yep, they’re reviewing what compensation they’re gonna give us!

I love this post. Some people in here too serious they can’t even get satire xD
Good one man, keep it up! :joy:

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Back in time i wasted all my blue crystals for t1 and t2 materials and now they made %100 honing change let’s cry for this.

in that 69 days my 3 alts i pushed from 1370- 1430 defenitely payed back their investement easily.

also i pushed 2 with no gold income aswell to 1415 , even they should have payed themselfs by time.

so this earlier investement gives you way more gold/mats then just let them sit on 1370 til now

there is no need for compensations that payed back already