Compensation for engraving bug?

For those who don’t know, if you received the hyper express reward in the first few hours of this patch, you would get 800 engraving books instead of 40. Don’t let AGS sweep this under the carpet. WE WANT ANSWERS AND COMPENSATION

(image from reddit)

I’d be careful if I were you. Don’t wanna end up with negative engravings.


there is a lot of issues with them atm you can’t open them you can’t use them mostlikely they will remove them from players again…

Yeah, but you can if you do it before they block it, as shown in this pic, the owner already open 20

maybe they did maybe they didn’t we can’t know for sure maybe they opened 20 maybe they moved 20 to roster storage the thing is if you have them in roster storage and took them out after they locked them they become char bound and you are stuck with them

@Community-Team I have new respect for you guys, actually doing your job moderating the forums. Thank you, but I still don’t trust the lies you guys are spilling, one of which I’ve proven false myself…

Nothing you said in any topics I’ve read weren’t even remotely close to truth, hell, it wasn’t even coherent enough to consider it a rational thought. Still going strong with alt accounts by the way Soifon? :slight_smile:

nobody cares about engraving books, that was obviously unintended

and if there is honestly anyone who thinks 800 engraving books are intended, he should see a doctor. For real.

Also there is no loss there.


it’s not their fault those people just exploited!

That’s AGS take

they didn’t even apologize for the pheons nope NADA
it was an EXPLOIT players abused AHAHAHAHA



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Sir, I have to ask you to stop riding the corporation’s deck so hard

Sir, i only ask for the least amount of rationality.

Its like if you suddenly got 10 bilion silver. Would you think " ah yes, a free present, completely fine " ?

Is like christmas so much compensations.

Negative grudge inc

Damage dealt to boss -20%
Damage taken +100%

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