Compensation for EUC players

As we are now forced to move away from EUC as the queues grow on and on, I wanted to know if there was still no real compensation for us players who have invested ourselves (and money) into the game. The twitch drops we had to hunt, the founder packs and in game content (mounts/pets/bonuses, you name it) we purchased, the time we spent, all that would basically be doomed into oblivion if we where to change region.
The only things we have in return is the ability to play the game, which I seemed wrong to have taken for granted, a watered down founder pack (if we had any) without the ability to trade it’s content, and a deceiving login reward.
I don’t have the perfect solution and I don’t think it exists, but giving players who have to emigrate to a different region the same advantages they purchased originally would be a good start, so they don’t have to lose everything in order to be able to play.
Then you would have to compensate the EUC players at equal value of their sustained prejudice (meaning a 3 day aura just won’t cut it)

Hoping that it will all soon be resolved

Any decent company should gave full compensations to their players for their incompetence and also adding some great extra benefits to pple who are being forced to move to EUW.

But we are speaking of AGS and they won’t until the shitstorm grows to hurricane size.

We dont have Asmongold type of streamer so we wont get shit.

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