Compensation for excessive downtimes during headstart and launch!?

Are we gonna get anything, since the queues of like 40k , the server downtime and constant restarts and various other issues , Amazon should be working to give players compensation.

Me specifically, Ive llost about 20 hours in queue, about 6 hours of restart and various down times on my server essentially over an entire day wasted trying to play.

Please compensate players properly and fairly!!

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I am in favor of this solution

They didnt do anything remotely close to what you asking for NW.

I am sure it wont happen here too.

No compensation, just a standard sorry nothing else.

Can you show us on the official page or where you would purchase the Founder’s Pack where it states you’re guaranteed 72 hours of uninterrupted game play? You paid for access (which you got) and virtual items (which you got). That’s it.

I’ll check back later for your response so I can understand if I missed a guarantee with our purchases somewhere. Thanks.

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Downtime like maintenance and fixing etc is not a valid reason for compensation, it is stated in the ULA usually.

Also, you got the items you bought from founders pack, so no need to be compensated for that.

The launch today is for f2p players, so they bought nothing hence why it is no need for compensation for that.

Stop beeing needy and a crybaby, this is how every popular MMO launch has been the last 10+ years.

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ftp and compensation…this does my head in… I paid for a plat pack and I dont expect them to do anything apart from getting the servers back online when they can.

Yes, you paid for ACCESS, sitting in queue or dealing with downtime, that’s not “access”