Compensation for false ban


I wasn’t able to access the game for 24hrs and do the dailies etc. Is there any compensation planned for people banned by mistake?

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Hello @kharothen ! I hope you are well today.
Thank you for reaching out with your concerns.

I am really sorry to mention that there is not compensations regarding to the situation faced.

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I was finally unbanned after 6 days of a false ban and I miss so much for AGS’s mistake, and get no compensation? Yea AGS does not care about their players it seems.

Hi @Udon

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I truly apologize you had this bad experience of being false banned as you described.
As @GoHi informed you we currently don’t have a way on our end to compensate players.

Since i understand this is not the experience you supposed to have i encorauge you to please submit your feedback on our Feedback section.

Additionally, this thread will be moved to the “Game Feedback” category, where the team will take into account your opinion and experience.

This will be reviewed by our specialized team, I apologize for the problems this is causing.
Opinions like yours help us improve our products and the quality of service we offer our customers.

We appreciate your comments, they are always welcome.
Hope this helps, have a great week.


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Its been a week and no reply from your “specialized team”.

During this time I and probably many others have missed out on Dailies/Weeklies on all our characters, GvG islands, Procyon compass events, the new Fever event, Raids, login rewards, and wasted Crystaline Aura.

2 WEI CARD Spawns on Na east Una in the same week I was banned that I could not get.

I wouldn’t care if it was a day but to be banned for absolutely no reason for a week with no response from AGS or compensation is something no company should ever let happen or get away with. Idk why more people aren’t talking about this, maybe because they are still banned and cant type on forums or just straight up quit after this fiasco. Support says they can’t help and just told me to post on forums which I doubt will do anything but it its the only way to communicate with them.