Compensation for my PowerPass

Nah, je baited.

We dont need a compensation for something we were told an entire month ago in November Patch notes, in forums by CM’s and via ingame mail were it was wrote that Power Pass would expire on 26/10. Yes, log in screen showed as “No Limit” but CM’s announced in forums that was known bug and it will expire on 26/10.

Also asking for a compensation that was gave to us totally free and you didn’t use it has no sense. It’s like, “Ah i had a free car but i didnt read the small print of the contract and I didn’t get to use it on time, i want my car back for my missreading :rage:” I’m saying SMALL PRINT because as I’m seeing people didnt even bother to read November Patch Notes or all the post that CM’s did about this topic

Here a Post from a CM about that. For those who still want Compensation.

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whats the point of this topic
voice your opinion? no one is getting anything anyway

Read my post please, it’s not about asking for a compensation xD

Yes i think if gold exchange to crystal stated 500 but instead in forums it says it actually 9000 its fine for you , because it said it in forums who cares what it says in game , maybe just make the game forum based altogether .


The amount of mental gymnastics… The powerpass was given as part of an event, its only natural to read the patch notes to find out why and how it works. Otherwise you just have a bunch of confused people wondering why the powerpass fell outa the sky. Patch notes are never about in game standard features its about changes and updates and new systems that are added, aka the power pass you didnt have before the patch



Yes this is very unnatural to read why would you ever read this , this just to bait you out of your pass .


Yes, why would you read ONLY ONE source of info instead all sources avaiable or at least TWO sources such as Patch Notes or in game mail???

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So the in game pass itself says 10/26 that says no limit how did you decide to do the coinflip to figure out which was accurate as both were ingame references?..There was a way to check this coinflip. There was an official statement. Also why is there such an elephant being made out of reading forums, it takes like 1min every 2 weeks and u can do it in 1/2 the time that the game takes to load up. There really isnt much of an excuse to be uninformed about the changes and systems being put into the game you play then complaining about your inability to be informed while the information is given to you.


stop asking for compensation

d00d like seriously I’ve had enough of these people

U didn’t even read a single word of my post cause i’m not asking for a compensation lol

exactly I’m RPing people who didn’t read patch notes or the pass itself

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Still no point besides complaining about other people complaining.
Topic made for post count or boring life.

What kind of coinflip i always only look the character select one . Am i ordered to look every twitter post , forum post, patch note and the count how many said x and how many said y and then add these thogheter and which is higher i trust that one ?

Yes, because that’s how the World works, law doesn’t forgive you for not knowing the law, so, if all the info was there, you could just check it, but you didn’t so it’s your fault, your entire fault

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I didnt say that at all. I said that IN GAME PASS ITSELF had 10/26 listed as an expiration date. What you are referring to says no limit. Im saying you decided for yourself which you chose to be true based on which one you wanted to be true. Thats just illogical.

I’m also not saying you have to do some deep research and spend hours of learning the game reading details etc. I’m saying, Patch notes are official statements, it takes like 1min to read them every 2 weeks and it realy doesn’t make sense not to otherwise you don’t know whats changing or whats going on in the game that you are playing. But again there really isnt an excuse effort/time based on why reading patch notes is apparently too difficult


As i said to you already i only checked the one on the character screen which i always do. In what world you are saying that having right information in patch note and wrong in game is better other way around ?

because in game has many discrepancies. Thats the whole reason why we have bug reports. Amazon can clarify this information through patch notes and releasing official statements. If you intentionally ignore this information even though its given to you, I feel llike thats on you.

Also you’re asking for a refund of a free item… Thats like going to costco and asking them to refund the free samples because you missed them.

Also you ignoring the pass in game that said 10/26 expiration date doesn’t mean it wasnt there

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Anybody claiming it’s our faults are incapable of logical thought. I don’t read outside information on the game nor should I be required to. If they want to make the patch notes accessible inside of the game like others do that’s fine. Otherwise, I refuse to take responsibility for not reading them elsewhere.

There’s a nail in the coffin that makes me right and AGS/anybody claiming otherwise wrong. THEY ALREADY SET A PRECEDENT FOR THIS SORT OF THING, THERE WAS NO REASON FOR ME TO BELIEVE OTHERWISE.

Anybody remember the reskin pass? I still have mine available, the expiration isn’t for many more months from now. Want to know when it said the voucher expired in game before I used it? Not much longer than when it was given to us, don’t remember the exact date but if it expired when it said it did I would have lost it months ago. But the actual expiration after use was different than what was originally stated.

So yeah, an undeniable precedent was set for somebody like me that isn’t reading outside information about the game. It showed the 26th which is today as the expiration for the voucher, but on the character select screen IT HAD NO EXPIRATION.

Now me, remembering the precedent already established on this sort of thing, used my well functioning brain to determine that the text isn’t lying to me and that there is no expiration on that pass.

That’s perfectly reasonable and based upon sound login on my part. Now I expect recompense for my punika powerpass that was irrationally stolen from me. Now.

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It’s not about compensation, it’s about the fact there is in-game text displaying information that is misleading and confusing. It’s perfectly logical and rational to think that once the power pass is redeemed, it no longer has an expiration, since that is what the in-game text implied. The fact that so many people made this mistake is evidence of that. The company is in the wrong here, and the fact that this happened once six months ago and was never fixed shows an incredible amount of negligence on the company’s part to not fix their game when they are giving players items they have otherwise placed a cash value on.

Now, compensation toward players that were negatively affected by this would be the correct course of action, but we all know better.