Compensation for NA - West

You bring servers down for 3 hours smack dab in the morning when people are waking up on a Sat to enjoy the game…

Any other MMO would compensate players with something as a way of showing they understand they are screwing the players over with a knee jerk patch like this.

This is rather bad form by any account, you guys seriously need to start thinking about how this makes you look doing this to players…

UPDATE: Compensation received, rage satiated, well played.


Good morning, eu just finished its usual 9am-1pm maintenance, welcome aboard


I feelz for ya.

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Dude, it is a free game, and they can bring the server down wherever they want, how long they want. You agreed with that when you checked the agreements you didn’t read, you agreed with that.

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Cool story bruv.

Black Desert Online always seems to give compensation every time there’s a maintenance outside of maintenance day. Most other mmorpgs, do it more often than not too, this is the only one that just doesn’t care at all how many times they give us random maintenance for their incompetence to run a game. Very sad. I played BDO for about 6 months and ended up with around 50 compensation boxes, this game has been out for half that time and has more random maintenances, and we’ve gotten… 2? 3? Haha

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So now would be a good time to address the public with how you plan to compensate us for this ridiculous unscheduled down time that is taking longer then a normal UPDATE.


Even mobile gacha games compensate for maintenance and hotfixes, they are free-to-play as well. Lost Ark is truly special.

This mobile game by Smilegate does better communication and compensation than what we have here:

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Very true.

There is literally no excuse to not compensate players for unscheduled downtime of this length…

Any self respecting game company would understand that handing out FREE stuff that costs you nothing, will quell the disdain of the committed players, and help retain a positive image. This is P.R. 101.

Anybody trying to argue that the game being F2P gives them the right to jerk us around like this truly needs to rethink their perspective.


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you will get your x2 pheonix plume compensation within 24hours!


Have you not received any compensation for downtime in the past on Lost Ark? Or are we just upset that they dont tell us were getting it. The constant need to be reassured through text is really scary these days.



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Compensation for maintenance were inconsistent, what more an emergency maintenance. There are times where they compensated and times where there’s none.

What’s the point of trying to create an excuse for sloppy management? It just gives them more reason to continue with such inconsistencies if there are apologist like you around.

I believe 7 hours emergency maintenance with nothing more than a small scrolling text beneath the chatbox to serve as notice warrants a proper compensation. Especially so for players who bought Crystalline Aura. That is the minimum and I haven’t even included those who lost their lockout due to such sloppy communication practice.

EDIT: Server just came up and as expected, no compensation.

EDIT 2: Well well, good job AGS for compensating fairly for this emergency maintenance.

Edit: Go demand more. I dont care.

I have never understood the point of telling people you don’t care… If you truly didn’t care you would not have even replied. The sheer fact you DID reply means in fact, you DO care…

Even if telling him you don’t care is your way of hurting his feelings… you still showed you do care, you care enough to want to hurt someone to get a reaction…

all around you are sorta warped my dude, seek help.

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Its not that deep. Lets take a break my man. I know you guys all like to throw tantrums immediately once something bad happens to your in-game experience but I promise you regardless what game you’re playing itll get fixed whether they tell you an exact time day or year. Like yall need to just grow up. Its a video game.

Cool story Nug, you can move along anytime you want.

Idk you responded to me as if I wanted your two cents. TLDR I didnt.

You walked into my post, don’t get it twisted.