Compensation for NAE Servers affected?

So with the game literally unplayable for 12+ hours both yesterday and today on a few servers, is there any chance at some sort of compensation?


What other servers besides Karta? I honestly don’t know.

Karta’s getting it the worst, but according to this thread:

Many people are seeing more disconnects than usual today.

If it is just Karta getting this bad of treatment, then I at least want a server transfer so I can play the game.

Asta had some issues last week, but I guess that was EUC.

It’s okay tho, this issue is likely to spill into other servers in the incoming weeks with no fix in sight. Maybe try again in 2023 or never until they decide to lockdown servers + frequent ban waves to purge current/sleeping bot accouunts.

Disconnects are one thing, auction house is another thing, black screen loading times is another thing. All of these issues started to happen since the maint of November 9th, 2022. It’s prob just going to continue to get worse. No communication from CMs, nothing significant being done by devs, just more incompetence really.

Lost Ark is just a waiting game simulator.
Expect the compensation to be mediocre anyways. It’s only been literally a month of issues need a year of issues for compensation to be nice