Compensation for players who didn't get email

Many people got pheons who logged in early, those who can only play late didn’t receive it and pheon is very expensive we should receive it too


Thanks for the note – we’re working on a compensation package for all players, and will look into if it’s possible to alter them based on receiving pheons earlier. Appreciate it!


for all, even for those who had the chance to get the email?
Compesatioon should be only for those who didnt had the chance to get a email, and there should be a compesation for the server down. i hope you guys understand that


this is not fair. those who got it earlier, even the ones who exploited it, will keep their pheons, cards and battle items PLUS the compensation?

it must be a joke right?

why not have equal rewards for everyone? I mean, you can’t track down who claimed it and who didn’t?

I surely feel scammed on this one.

Why not ban players who exploited it? Why not assuming your fault and letting everyone enjoy the unintended gift?


they will adjust the compensation if we got pheons, we had 6 hours maintenance too because of their fault you know it right?

Giving it to also people who benefited from the mistake or exploit won’t fix anything. You still have given tens of thousands of gold in pheons for free and they will get the compensation package on top of it?

Does your PR department even exist?

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but you got your compensation earlier… and cards are rng nobody is to blame for your bad luck


Youve actually never been able to do that before when you said something similar tho. Always ends up being a compensation for everyone.

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bro they were cards with 0,2% in legend, stop crying xddd

No one cares about the cards. No one is mentioning that shitty reward.

literally the one who I replied but ok?

No, he just mentioned you already got compensation. He only made a small comment that the cards are RNG.

The talks are about the items that actually have a high gold value.


??? People should back to school, they need to learn to read

I mean sure, you can take the strawman and just focus on the cards when every part of the discussion is about pheons.

He makes no other emphasis on the cards other than just list the rewards and that they are RNG.

I meant that you already got it all, no need to compensate.

D u d e, learn to read I also spoke about the pheons and Roxx already said they will fix it if you got pheons before, god.

we need to be compensate because of the 6 hours of maintenace because they don’t know how to do things without breaking the game, I’m not asking for more pheons btw

You can be as technical as you want. I responded to your later posts where you are strawmaning the card shit when it was barely mentioned.