Compensation for Powerpass (The Free one)

Ya no compensation here either, had used the ticket, but couldn’t powerpass a character. Used it on my bard once they enabled it, no compensation… so idk

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They said up to 48 hours to get it. There’s only 9 hours left and it will be 48 hours. What’s the issue AGS??

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That’s why I said

I believe

, no certainty without announced dates.

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O and they just disabled live support on the customer service website LOL.

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What’s even stranger is that they are deliberately not answering any questions about this, for seemingly no reason. Roxx even posted in one of these threads and purposefully ignored the fact that the compensation was never given out, instead acting like everyone got it and saying they may give out compensation for the paid passes as well. Like wtf?

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Used the ticket, couldnt use the powerpass itself since it was disabled and didnt get it either.



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Is there really someone who received something ? ^^

I guess that’s what we have to wait on.
Not sure how AGS prioritizes stuff or how fast things can be done.

Not yet.

Is this a joke? I have asked repeatedly about this in area chat as well as these forums and have yet to find ONE person who received anything at all. At this point I really don’t care about the measly amount of mats, I am more concerned that giving out something as simple as this and the communication surrounding it seems to be such a GIANT problem for them to overcome…

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i got told by the support that i cant get it because i did the quest for the free punika one a day after they disabled them xd

Still nothing - thats getting lame a little :frowning:

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i got my Compensation last night, thanks!

it has been delivered.
kinda weird, i thought i’m not eligible since i use the powerpass and done the hyper express and got to 1370 a day before they locked the powerpass.
but guess i am eligible too.

Just circling back here to let folks in the thread now that I received mine this morning upon logging in as well.

I didn’t even meet the criteria and got the compensation lmao

Didnt they say Universal Storage? Thats the shop one tho! xd

Seems like veryone got it now.
Used my free Powerpass on release day - today i’ve got the groth pack in the storeage, same for my gf.
thx a lot ;D

Mine just got in as well

Happy its done and over with :blush:

Please go somewhere else, I made this post in the most healthy manner possible to exactly avoid people like you. We we’re looking for information and keeping each one of us updated through this thread.

I didn’t use the PowerPass and I still got the compensation, keep your misinformation for yourself thank you Sir, and have a great weekend ))

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