Compensation for problems

I would likes ti see a compensation for all the people who played the game since the beginnig and keeps playing besides all the queues/maintenances/bugs etc.
I suggest this steps:

  • Founders Pack duplication
    Let everyone who bought a founder pack, no matter of bronze or platinum, get a second copy of its founder pack.
    All this players supporter the game months before the release and many of this players started playing on 8 Feb, than changed server as you aked for losing all their benefits. So i suppost Is worth ti show a bit of reconaissance from devs to them. 3days headstart should be and advantage not a trouble…
  • Twitch reward redeem for all those Who change server.
    It’s not fun ti unlock stuffs from Twitch and are them Lost because someone choose to move to another server to help YOU (devs/Amazon) solving queue problem. So i suppose will be fair from you to let people redeem ALL this drops of they go on a server of the new regione you are going to open (and… yess still thinking that Eu West is a bada name).
  • Exclusive mount or skin AND powerpass AND 30 days aura for all who migrate to new server region
    I think that people who want to move from current server to the new region should have a gift, and this thinks could help.

It can seems a lot of gift but you (devs/Amazon) should understand that all the troubles are due to tour valutation error and players should not pay for your mistakes.

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Totally agree with you, it’s bs that my platinum 100 euro pack is stuck on a server that all my friends couldn’t join because it was locked on the f2p release… now we get the redemption pack which does not include all the stuff we paid for.